Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The New Year has come,
But Ruhi's problem has just begun;
This is the best part of the year for some,
But for this young 'un where's the fun?

Flashback to the real story from Ruhi's diary...

And so she thought she knew him well,
As they were childhood sweethearts and very good friends;
So they decided to take their relationship to the next level,
For together the rest of life they wished to spend.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


In a line if I had to give my answer to the question on "Yes or No to Pre-marital sex" then my answer to it without batting an eye-lid would be a resounding and an emphatic, No! Now as you go on to read this article you'd know why I think so and what are my views on this subject.

It was some time back when I first watched the film,Fiddler On The Roof and I remember Tevye,the protagonist and father of three girls of marriageable age emphasizing on tradition even as the girls go on to make their own choices when it comes to marriage.That was the tradition back then (and still continues to be) where marriage is the responsibility of the parents right from deciding the match to marrying her off and seeing her settled in her new home.

Today look at how times have changed.Cut to the 21st century and everything has reversed.The moments couple shared post-marriage are all happening prior to the culmination of the marital bond.And before you even know it,the boy and girl have already split-up!!That's how fickle relationships have become today.You could attribute this shift to our prolonged exposure to the Western culture which is so predominant in our lives especially with the influx of satellite television channels together with the internet age that it has made us vulnerable to the trappings and newer "concepts" it has to offer thus leaving an indelible impression in our minds that momentarily yet gradually we are setting adrift from our roots.We are incapable of sifting good from the bad and right from the wrong.We ape fashion blindly because that style/cut/clothing is popular in the West so we jump into the bandwagon.Likewise we bring home concepts of live-in,pre-marital sex,prenuptial agreements because the West does it,so why not us!Bottom-line here is where is our identity?Have we lost it?Are we even prepared for this change in the first place?We oft forget that it is the roots that make a tree strong for without the roots a tree ceases to stand up straight neither does it have a firm foundation on the ground it stands.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I believe sometimes in life you've got to take risks to reach to the top.We've got to jettison the baggage of fear behind to touch the pinnacles of glory and not let fear be an impediment in the way of progress.And if we don't fight our demons that manifest themselves in the form of 'fear' then we'll be enslaved in the shackles of it forever.

Going back in time,I recall as a child when I attended a spiritual meeting,the spiritual lecturer decoded the true meaning of 'Fear'.She said F.E.A.R was nothing but-'False' 'Evidence' 'Appearing' 'Real' and I've taken to that definition of fear ever since.All in all what she was actually trying to instill in both the adults and children present there was that fear was nothing but an illusion of the mind. 

Over the years,when I was pushed to the wall or had to prove myself in a given situation,I discovered the only way that I could quell the feeling of fear was when I didn't give it a damn in the first place! In fact,F.E.A.R was nothing more than a mere acronym which I'd oft repeat it in my thoughts and it read as-"False Evidence Appearing Real" or better still in a positive way was telling me - "Face Everything And Rise"

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


When the spirits are low and a good news comes by,it is like a breath of fresh air for it uplifts the mood,spirit and expectations of the people in any given situation.Likewise the Indian aviation sector which has been keeping low for sometime now has a good reason to cheer about when Lufthansa's giant green bird,the A380 makes her home in India and in the hearts of all Indians!

So,now the stage is set as we get ready to put our best foot forward when we tell the world why #BiggerIsBetter and discover how Lufthansa could well be the game changer of Indian aviation! 

And here's a simple poem I've coined to sum it up...

Friday, 28 November 2014


Here's a poetic post as I recount the many hilarious moments when my girl-friends threw a fit as their special someone turned up in a rather 'surprising' way during some important social functions/date whereas one of them even found herself in a similar situation after marriage!                                                                                
But women are women and as smart as we are... we have our own 'surprising' ways to deal with the 'surprise' (or shock as I'd say)!  ;-)

                                        So here's how it all began...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


An Introduction
Here's a poem I dedicate to all ye parents,
On the best of the world your child deserves;
So, listen, pay heed and don't be errant,
For I now share priceless gems to preserve!

Children are li'l angels...
Children bring so much joy,
Their sheer presence fills all empty space;
With peals of laughter, squeals and noise,
As happiness beams through their smiling face.

My twin cousins have the stamina to play all day,
When they keep everyone on their toes;
While their quest for life and learning never ceases along the way,
As like a sapling I watch them grow!


Thursday, 28 August 2014


An Introduction

Here are my invaluable nuggets of information,
A creative poem on - Health, Beauty, Fitness and Wellness simplified;
So here's sharing with you a conversation,
That's over the years written and testified!


True beauty is not cosmetically enhanced,
But radiates with wisdom, love and compassion;
Time may fly and years may advance,
These priceless gems will never go out of fashion!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
So it's not just about grooming to look good;
Envying others to look bolder,
Is when beauty is misunderstood!


Sunday, 24 August 2014


Home is where my heart resides,
Where every corner holds a special place;
Her aura sends out positive vibes,
With her beauty, warmth and grace.

Home is an outlet of my personality,
With decor and artifacts to adorn;
A reflection of my individuality,
Where creative thoughts are born.


Friday, 25 July 2014


The effect that colors have on our life is simply fascinating!So whether it's a canvas or a palette of colors, the seven colors of the rainbow or a dash of floral and pastels in your wardrobe or dousing yourself in the festive splendor...colors uplift your mood! 

However...there is one color that is standalone yet magical and spell-binding! 
  • It alone makes all the difference!
  • It doesn't need another to complete or complement it! In fact,it earns you all the compliments instead!
  • It is one color you can never go wrong fact you inevitably end up making a statement! 
  • It is chic,classy and the cynosure of everyone's eyes!
  • It is a color that has stood the test of time and is never out of vogue! 
  • Those lustrous shiny mane would never go unnoticed if they are in that color!
  • Be it fashion, accessories,luxury goods etc...this color is always the belle of the ball or the center of attraction for it brings out the best of your personality! 
The color, thy name is the bold, beautiful and sensuous, BLACK!

Friday, 18 July 2014


As someone once beautifully said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And here,I once again find myself quite literally taking this step as I let my flight of dreams take wings when I write this post about making a journey towards the road of discovery to escape the humdrum of life and ready myself to embrace a fascinating adventure that's about to unfold... 

Enchanting Thailand-Stills from Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason 
And the country on my mind which strikes a perfect balance of serenity and spirituality, vibrancy of life and economy in living together with a blend of modern outlook and traditional values is Thailand! When I saw Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason,one glimpse of this beautiful country caught my attention (minus the troubles that Bridget gets in of course!) I quite loved the captivating landscapes, picturesque beaches, the Buddhist monasteries,their colorful attires, the effervescent nightlife and the much popular Thai spa that I am long waiting to experience in this magical country also aptly called the 'Land Of Smiles'! Furthermore,as I researched I realized that the title was a well deserved one indeed!Your smiles are intact for you don't need to keep worrying about how cash-strapped  (or poorer) you'd be after your trip because Thailand offers you a complete package-it is not just a tourists paradise but an economically viable holiday abode too!

Friday, 11 July 2014


Scent,Fragrance,Aroma...The very thought of these words sends positive vibes to your senses whereby you suddenly find yourself in a happy space and for no reason smiling at all! The smell of wet mud especially after it's rained or the fragrance of flowers like Jasmine, Mogras and Roses, the aroma of freshly baked bread or muffins coming from the oven or the scent of a man wearing Musk cologne makes a big impact!Somehow all these fragrances have an overpowering effect on us,including me! It leaves you numb while it lasts and at the end of it you're left wanting for a whiff of some more! 

And to elucidate my thoughts expressed above that's indescribable in words for something you can't see,eat nor feel but can only sense it,I've coined a definition for that...~ "If food be the nourishment for the soul then fragrance is the stimulant for the mind!" ~

Being a wanderlust,the city that never fails to capture my imagination is Goa! Goa to me is like the Brazil of India with the coastal tropical climate that's ever inviting you to soak yourself in the sun's warmth as you bathe,surf and swim in the expanse of the infinite sea,jog on the shores of the picturesque beaches,revisit the centuries old churches,enjoy the vibrant night-life,the colorful carnivàle,the delectable local cuisines and the warmth of the people! It's a magical city that has so much to offer to a wandering Boho-tourist like me!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


As I read this wonderful futuristic topic by ASUS about assigning my phone a super-power, my sleeper cells just got charged and I felt no less than the creator of Marvel or DC Comics who was on the verge of creating awesomeness! Just imagine,an everyday gadget like your phone equipped with extraordinary powers...a step that would go on to revolutionize technology many notches ahead and empower the common man to the echelons of glory! Wow!!

And when I watched the powers that Adam Sandler's universal remote control possessed in the film,Click; I was convinced all the more as it reignited my imagination and consolidated this belief that an ordinary phone packed with superpowers could definitely transform the landscape of tomorrow!

So the big question is- What super-power(s) would I wish my phone to have?

For starters,I would like my phone to be capable of scanning and recreating a digital projection of my image. A digital clone of ME on the prowl would be great fun! And this digital projection would not be just another ordinary version of myself but it would have special powers too! 

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Power of technology: Sky is the limit!
Technology governs my life right from the moment I wake up till the time I hit the bed!

I remember there was a time when monotony had crept into my life.When the quest for discovery and knowledge was the sole monopoly of a handful who thought they could boss or bully into giving you cryptic or clipped answers to your endless questions; so, the thirst for knowledge gradually died down and ended there until one day a miracle happened!

Technology came and conquered us all! 

Monday, 24 March 2014


I have never been to Malaysia but from all the fascinating tales,adventures and jaunts my friends have experienced and shared with me over the years...this country is an important destination that that I've circled on the map of my atlas on one of the places I must visit at least once in my life-time.

One of the aspects I best love about Malaysia is that like India it embraces diversity.It is a multicultural country with people of different religions,races and ethnicity residing together as they celebrate festivals and occasions of all religions with the same zest,bonhomie and fervor! So, Malaysia is like a home away from home!

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Love transcends all boundaries...all it takes is the first connection when two loving hearts meet and then...barriers know no distance, time, space, geography, topography, location, limits nor constraints! 

When I mentioned space,I was reminded of the film,Wall-E when a lonely trash compactor robot,Wall-E falls in love with Eve,an advanced robot during her visit to Earth so much so that when her mission is over,Wall-E even follows her back to space and faces all challenges and obstacles to win her over...and this feeling is what we all know by a magical name called 'Love'

On the celluloid,if on one hand we've witnessed cross-border love in films like Refugee and Veer Zara then we have also seen cross-state love stories blossoming in films like 2 States,Mr. and Mrs. Iyyer, Main Aur Mr. Iyyer among several others. 

The point that I'm trying to make here is that where there's true love...there are no distances, hurdles nor impediments! You want to climb that hill or surpass all odds to make that someone feel special!

Monday, 3 March 2014


They say beautiful hair mirrors your personality and it's no different with me! However,my hair is also a reflection of a myriad moods and emotions...those that are not easy to predict and have no set recurring patterns but they find a friendly outlet of expression through my hair which speaks a unique language of it's own that is so easy to decipher!In fact,the language of my hair is even simpler than the matters of the heart provided you understand it! 

And I understand that special language because I nurture and nourish it with the gentle goodness of Dove's not a shampoo,it's a cream that permeates deep into the roots as it enriches the scalp and strengthens my hair.The end result is healthy and bouncy hair with a natural sheen!So,I can style my hair just the way I want it to be to suit my 'seven' different moods and avatars depending on the situation!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


We pop pills to treat different diseases but when "Laughter is the best medicine",freely available to all...then what's the problem?

Do we need a stimulant to boost laughter? Could chocolates do the trick?Seems a yummy idea indeed!The very thought of chocolates shakes off the yoke of seriousness and fills me with smiles...that's the magic it has on me! After all, you don't get a strip of tablets for five bucks but you get a bar of chocolate for sure! 

And according to my theory (I've coined one for a change) - "Chocolates activate the sleeper cells of your system by heightening the positive emotions and spreading sweetness from the electrical signals interpreted by the brain!"  
How's that for a more scientific explanation?! 

Monday, 10 February 2014


India has always shared a special connect with Britain;so even while they ruled us,we parted as friends and this bond has only strengthened over the decades.The impression they have had in our lives has been a lasting one indeed-The Queen's English which we all converse in so fluently was one such treasure,their education system,their constitutional architecture,the beautiful buildings of the Victorian Era,the railways and so many such invaluable contributions!Thus,I always had this much cherished dream that some day I would pursue my further studies in Britain because it was another place that I could call home!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Today is India's 65th Republic Day...a day marked with festivities, gaiety, ceremonies and honoring outstanding achievement, valor and sacrifices.

But tomorrow... everything would once again get back to routine and next year, this very day,the same cycle of events will continue.

Then what's different here? But as for me...there is one thing that would never change and that is the vision I cherish and dream that I hold dear for my beloved country, India. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


If a poem speaks the language of the soul...then here's one to decode as this one speaks from the heart! 

While on one hand I allay fears about my hair that undergoes wear and tear with different activities under different weather and climatic conditions then Sunsilk is quick to quell and dispel these so-called rumors about hair-problems! 

Sunsilk puts a complete full-stop to all hair problems! She is just like a buddy to me...and that's what buddies do really - reassuring, always to your rescue and finding a solution to all your problems!

Here's my poem, that gives me many a reason to recharge my hair and recharge my life with Sunsilk!