Saturday, 15 December 2012


 The Curious Case of a Bossy Wife, a Henpecked Husband & the..."Beard"!

She may be your girl-friend, wife or lover....but whatever the status quo in any of these relationships might be...guys remember one thing- "It's her way or the high-way!"
All characters appearing in this story are those you may have definitely come across in your neighborhood and the incidents that have been narrated to you are purely biased, one-sided and ego-boosting stories consisting of angry lovers, dumped boyfriends or disgruntled husbands. ;-)

For this piece, our team has done an extensive investigation to nail the real culprit of this whole problem. ;-)

Readers are requested to read this blog-post in it's entirety to ascertain the 'cause' and 'effect' the culprit has had on the conjugal life of a couple before you bolster the male ego with your sympathies. ;-)

Everything is incidental and deliberate....nothing is coincidental! ;-)

Friday, 2 November 2012


I remember it was last year when we were looking out for a washing machine and as it is confusion prevailed on whether we should opt for the top loading or front loading, automatic or semi-automatic, but the big question was the price. Though we had a fixed budget in mind and didn't want to exceed it but soon realized as we went from one store to another that nothing seemed to fit the bill! Another thing we observed during our survey was that stores were selective on the brands they kept, so that didn't give us much of an option to explore. And of course each one tried to persuade us in trying to sell us their top of the line brand even though we were clearly not interested. Now after a comprehensive search, we had almost given up hope and had somehow finalized on a semi-automatic washing machine.
Some how I don't know that evening what propelled me from within, perhaps I was not satisfied...not yet and I decided to run a search on the internet for some guidance and when this website came up it put an end to our dilemmas! Period. Now, I'm sharing this one with you because I don't want you as a customer to be fooled by a shopkeeper in believing that only what he shows is the best for you without giving you the options to decide or for that matter doesn't even bother to give you a complete rundown on the product you are about to invest in.

Monday, 22 October 2012


In the last three months, I've had the opportunity to shop on not one but three different occasions and that too from the same portal - !! I assure you if it were not for the gift vouchers I was presented with, I'd never have known what I'd been missing so long!

Thumbs up to the careful packaging!
Though, I'm not a habitual e-shopper yet, but I considered this as a very good moment to explore an all new e-shopping portal that I'd been acquainted with over the months through their frequent commercials on television.
The irony is that despite not being an avid e-shopper, I can pat my back on some of the bold choices I've made lately as an e-shopper, some of those even you'd have second thoughts on, to be precise - a mobile phone and a piece of furniture! 

Thursday, 18 October 2012


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On deciding a 'perfect gift'
I've always been in a quandary especially when the festive season is around the corner...wonder why? Besides the fun, frolic and festivities...I'm always in a constant state of flux when it comes to being the 'giftee'/'gifter' ! Many a times I often wonder on why such a pleasure and leisure activity turns into a drag!

India's got countless festivals and it's rather difficult to keep track of them all on your fingertips. And of course on many a such occasion, the mirth is priceless when it comes to receiving gifts but no sooner you realize both the moment and occasion has arrived for you to turn a 'giftee'/ 'gifter', it becomes a nightmare! And if I assess the situation here rightly, it's primarily because the period from the moment you are still deciding on a gift till the point of actually gifting're in a melee, you simply cease to be yourself in an endeavor to land yourself the 'perfect gift'!

Thursday, 11 October 2012


It seems that I'm fast earning the reputation of the next e-shopper in my very first outing as an e-shopper, I had ordered for a mobile,then it was beauty products and today I purchased a piece of furniture! And this couldn't have got any better! But I assure that in each of my three shopping experiences, I was satisfied and smiling at the smart purchases I had made!

But today, it was a marvel for me to see on how actually a furniture was going to be delivered at my doorstep and I must say... AWWWWW...SOME! Reminds you about something? That advertisement where the courier delivery man starts howling! :) Oh yes, I'm talking of 

My all new Boston Black Organizer from Jabong
Now with the range and choice of products they had on their portal, I was at first unable to make my pick on what to purchase when I finally decided on a Boston Black Organizer (see pic). Thanks to the detail and clarity of the the product by way of description and images,it naturally happened to become my first choice!

But I still had doubts which anyone in my place would have on how would it be delivered? The packaging? What would I do if there was a damage in transit? etc. So I decided to call their helpline number to get my queries addressed. And the best part was that their executive were so helpful that they even suggested that on delivery, I had the option to open it then and there to check for any damage or discrepancies in the product. Oh boy, I was impressed!!

Couldn't resist the temptation of ripping open the layers of packaging!
After all, this is something even your local vendor wouldn't guarantee of returning/ exchanging the product he sells after he carts it to you. He would rather instruct the carter to take the money upon delivery and go his way. But here I had the option to open a well wrapped and securely padded box that contained my organizer and satisfy myself completely before I could make payment.

And what more...I had placed my order on the night of 9th October and by 11th afternoon it was at my doorstep! Also along the way, Jabong kept me abreast of the product activity and expected delivery through their timely text messages. So the next time you hear someone scream...don't get know it's Jabong! :)

Indeed, this was yet another fulfilling experience I had as an e-shopper and it earns my trust that e-shopping is definitely the next step to retailing in India! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012 - KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING... MAKE ONE STOP HERE! website
I had recently come across this website dedicated to mobiles when I was researching on brands vis-a-vis their specifications. I just pity the 92nd or the 93rd mobile brand to be launched or that are already in the market and if they at all find a place on !!

Sunday, 2 September 2012


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I have always been tech savvy in many ways, like I prefer online banking, online booking of movie tickets, e-conferencing etc but shopping online was a big ‘NO’ until a few months ago. I was always sceptical as I had questions about the product packaging, what if there was an in-transit damage or what if the product was not new and accessories were missing from the box, then how would I go about it etc.

Shopping is now fun...all at a click!
I would have still gone about my normal way of shopping, until one day my mobile phone conked out completely and I was left stranded without a phone! So, I went about shopping to some of the stores for the mobile phone brands I had in mind, but found them too expensive and each progressing mobile store I went to was asking more for the product if not less. Also the problem was that none of the sales people could give me a complete rundown of the product and some of them just showed me the box without letting me see the product.


In a world where e-commerce, e-shopping, e-conferencing is the in-thing...that day is not far when education would reach the next level...yes, we're talking of e-education. But are we ready to accept the paradigm shift in e-teaching and e-learning? Do you know that worldwide e-tutoring is already pipped to be a $52 billion industry? Are you also aware that e-tutoring is a common practice in the west?
ICPI Train2Teach-Online Website
And we have one such premiere online educational institution based in India training e-teachers worldwide! 

Through their comprehensive 50 hours online training programme and with a fee of just $405, ICPI Train2Teach-Online equips teachers with all the latest e-teaching tools and resources through their Certified International E-Teacher (CIET) course.