Monday, 24 March 2014


I have never been to Malaysia but from all the fascinating tales,adventures and jaunts my friends have experienced and shared with me over the years...this country is an important destination that that I've circled on the map of my atlas on one of the places I must visit at least once in my life-time.

One of the aspects I best love about Malaysia is that like India it embraces diversity.It is a multicultural country with people of different religions,races and ethnicity residing together as they celebrate festivals and occasions of all religions with the same zest,bonhomie and fervor! So, Malaysia is like a home away from home!

Here are some interesting facts and figures...

1. 7.1% Indians live in Malaysia...I didn't know that, how 'bout you?

2. 58% of Malaysia's population are Muslims, 23% are Buddhists, 11% are Christians and 6% are Hindus...Did you know that?

3. Mahathir bin Mohamad,the longest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia is of Indian origin...I didn't know that!

4. Nasi Kandar, the favorite food of many Malaysians was brought by the immigrating Indian  Muslims. Did you know that?

5. Cinema came to Malaysia in the year 1933 with the screening of Laila Majnu which was directed by Indian born, B.S. Rajhans and produced by the Singapore-bsed Motilal Chemical Company. Did you know that?

No wonder, Malaysia is Truly Asia!

So, here are five things that I'd like to experience if I am given an opportunity to explore this beautiful and friendly country the world knows as Malaysia!

1. Being a nature lover,the first on my list is Pulau Payar Marine Park, Langkawi. I'd love to go scuba diving and later put on my fins and go on a day long snorkeling session as I swirl along with the fishes,feel the coral reef and explore the rich flora, faunas and treasures of the marine life in the abys of the deep waters.

2. Next on my list is traveling the Pangkor Island in a jetty where I'd like to spend a quiet day fishing, boating and exploring the nearby towns, fishing villages, forts and temples to get a feel of the rural life and indulge my taste buds with the local cuisines and participate in the cultural evenings of villagers gathered together around the bon-fire in folk singing, dancing and making merry!

3.Coming up at number three is the visit to the National Zoo of Malaysia which I'm told is an expanse of 110 acres and home to 5137 animals of 459 varied species...Wow!! Being an animal lover...a trip to the zoo is going to be an education for me! The best part about this zoo is that these exhibits are divided into 16 parks,namely the Reptile Park,Ape Centre,Bird Aviary,Nocturnal Exhibits, Mammal Kingdom etc among several others.This arrangement of the park in a segmented manner would help me to explore every aspect of the park in a systematic and orderly manner. And besides, I love orangutans and chimps...hope to make some friends outta there! :)

4. No trip to a country is ever complete without a touch of history, culture and traditions...thus the next place on my list would be the National History Museum of Malaysia.This building which is over a hundred years old is a perfect place for me to learn more about this beautiful country from their artifacts, manuscripts, inscriptions and scrolls. There are several attractions nearby to the museum which I'd like to go sight-seeing are- National Monument, Parliament, Merdeka or Independence square,Pasar Seni (Central Market) and Kuala Lumpur Memorial park

5. Finally,I would like to go on a religious trip and pay my obeisance at the Thean Hou Temple which is a syncretic temple of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism where each of them have a prayer hall with three altars having the a sculpture of a deity each housed in this grandiose architectural structure.Next,I'd like to visit is the Crystal Mosque located on the island of Wan Man which is unique because it is built out of steel, glass and crystal. I'd like to visit this beautiful structure on a bright sunny day to see the halo around it that would add to it's aura!Besides,of course I would also love to visit the Masjid Jamek, National Mosque of Malaysia and other religious places of significance to explore the spiritual moorings of multiethnic country that is a home to all!

Lastly, before I conclude my trip, I'd love to catch up with an ongoing classical concert or an operetta at the Istana Budaya also known as "The Palace of Culture" which is the hub of all cultural activities taking place in Malaysia.

At the end of this quick virtual trip...the words that come to my mind in random order is- rejuvenating,fascinating,breath-taking,education,adventure,culture,flora,faunas,zoos,history, spiritual,knowledge and so much more! Now you can well imagine that if I actually had an opportunity to go on an expedition to this beautiful country...I'll have many diary pages, memoirs and blogs to write about's Truly Asia!

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  1. Quite a lot for a single visit unless it happens to be for more than a fortnight. Loved the post.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thank you very much! Yes indeed a single visit won't suffice! A fortnight to Malaysia would be lovely and a month would be fantastic!! I read your post too,loved the way you've shared your thoughts about Malaysia. All the best for the contest.