Do you love reading poems? Short stories? Current affairs? Many of these posts were written as a part of activities for different brands and promotions. This section is a potpourri and compilation of the same! 

9.Snap It...Zap It! 

10. Why so...Serious?

11.Further & Forever...On Taking That First Step!

12.Malaysia...Truly Asia!

13.Technology: Simplifying Life, Transforming Living! 

14. When my phone got Matrix'ed with Super-Powers...

15. Lufthansa A380 Has Arrived...Welcome Aboard!

16. F.E.A.R Decoded: Face Everything And Rise!

17. ❤Romancing With Asus Mr. Zenfone 6 ❤ !

18. Wow Korea - Part-I, Part-II, Part-III, Part-IV, Part-V, Part-VI, Part-VII, Part-VIII, Part-IX, Part-X, Part-XI, Part-XII, Part-XIII & Part-XIV 

19. Time To Transform the Blueprint Of India's Digital Future!

20. The 'Mother' Of All Experts...Our Mommies Of Course!

21. Conquering The Pinnacles Of Glory: We, The Women!

22. Monsoon Fashion...Time To Make A 'Splash'!

23. Save Mankind From The Apocalypse Of Destruction!

24. The Magical World Of Ansh Unfolds... [Vlog]

25. Exams Over...A Colgate Magical Story Begins! [Vlog]