Friday, 7 August 2015


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This Vlog was created for the #ColgateMagicalStories - The Power Of Constructive Parenting campaign at Indiblogger in association with Colgate  [Total Duration: 83 seconds]


It's exam time...but ever since my li'l cousin,Yuvika (I love to address her by her nickname!) saw the #ColgateMagicalStories advertisement on television,she has been nudging her mother to buy her the latest Colgate pack and been unfailingly asking me everyday to shoot her video and send in her entry for the campaign. 

So,we had a pact. Since she had not prepared for her exams yet, I told her that we would shoot the video as soon as her exams were over. But first she had to do was concentrate on her studies and prepare well for the exams to which she instantly agreed. 

No sooner the last paper was over she came straight to me and said, "Didi, my exams are over, let us shoot the video today itself!" And I asked her, "Why? Don't you want to take a day's rest and play with your friends or watch television instead?". She instantly replied,"No Didi, Colgate Magical Stories first and the rest later!" 

So, here we are...

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


This Vlog was created for the #ColgateMagicalStories - The Power Of Constructive Parenting campaign at Indiblogger in association with Colgate  [Total Duration: 88 seconds]

It's a Sunday morning. While everyone in the house is busy watching television,some have gone to the temple while others are yet to wake up from their deep slumber...but li'l Ansh is awake and up to something else!

Thus out of curiosity I pick up my handy cam and head to the drawing room to capture through my lens our Junior Picasso who is all relaxed and composed as he begins to draw from his imagination with his color pencils,crayons,scissors,glue stick etc. all scattered around and oblivious of everything that's happening around him.

Realizing his flair for drawing, his mommy decides to make his Sunday a magical one when she purchases a special "Magical Castle" Colgate pack! Ansh had seen the Colgate magical stories commercial on television. And the intelligent boy that he is...he knows what to do next!