Saturday, 25 May 2013


Yo, Yo, Yo!
It's time to party baby! 

Weekend is nigh, 
And we're on a high.

It's time to groove,
And show you our moves.

So, let's jam it tonight,
And party with all our might!

Cheers! Let the party begin!!!
After a hectic week at work, everyone likes to unwind. While everyone's idea of fun and leisure differ...but every plan comes to a standstill when it comes to the word "PARTY''

Who'd like to watch a film or go shopping over the weekend...if there's a party happening next door! Your host  may not be a Jay Gatsby and his party may not be a grand and opulent affair...but hey, a party is a party!!! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Post Description: Miss Betsy's moral lesson on oral hygiene gives her first-grader students a good reason to think about taking steps on protecting their 'smiles' forever through a story about three characters - TEETH, GUM & TONGUE, their ordeals and their final triumph! 

What was their story? 
What was the lesson? 
Was she successful in imparting it to the young minds? 
If you're curious to find out yourself...then read on!

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Wildcraft: The new age light-weight travel gear
This summer are you going hiking and trekking in the hills? Or perhaps you are planning a travel sometime soon? Then of course it goes without saying that you must be readying to pack your bags or you're perhaps already done with it and ready to jet-set go! 

But the most important question here is - Have you invested in a right travel gear for yourself? In the good old days if you carried huge metallic trunks and suitcases it was another thing, you didn't have an option then! But today, there's no excuse... after all where on earth are you going to keep tugging along with your heavy luggage if you're hiking/ trekking or even going visiting a city over the weekend?!

Well, if you're looking for answers then your search ends right here!