Tuesday, 17 February 2015


There's a life that everyone desires, a goal they hope to realize and of hopes, dreams and aspirations we endeavor to accomplish in our life-time. Many a times it is "time" that we don't find to to go about fulfilling our pursuits, at times there are constraints of resources or the volcano of problems that drown us under when for a moment we forget to live the gift of Life until one day we wake up to see that it's all slipped away!

My life is a sum total of people who have made this expedition of my existence a memorable one indeed. Thus before my time is up...I would like to reward them in my own little way for their unconditional love,unstinting support and precious time they have shared with me out of moments from their life! Though no reward can equate what my parents, relatives or friends have done for me, but this is just my little gesture to express my gratitude and a little way of saying, "Thank you for making my life happen!"

Thus if I were on this magical journey of riding a #BefikarUmarBhar life...then here are five things that I would love to do in my lifetime before I kick the bucket!

1. As a child,I've long been inspired by the teachings of the Holy scriptures - Noah's Ark,Moses leading the children of Israel from Egypt to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Thus I would like to kick-start my bucket list by undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage with my parents spanning three different countries.Commencing from the holy land of Bethlehem in Palestine where we would touch the soil where Christ Jesus was born as we traverse Israel and visit the Red Sea and recall that powerful moment in history when Moses parted the sea to lead the children of Israel out of bondage and gave us the Ten Commandments. The second part of this religious excursion would start off from Egypt where a slice of history would come alive as we witness the mystic lives of Egyptians,their Mummies and Pyramids, the Pharaohs and their beautiful queens - Cleopatra and Nefretiri whose beauty has been long admired and traveled through the centuries. The third part of this trip would commence at Mount Ararat in Turkey as we recall the triumph of Noah's Ark as it landed with living creatures snugly and safely and the promise of the rainbow that God is always with his children. It would be so fascinating to be walking on the holy ground and reminiscing a chapter from the Bible coming alive before my eyes! This journey would also give me a chance to atone for my sins as I prepare myself for the journey ahead.

2. Next on my bucket list is enjoying the choicest cuisines of the world with my parents and friends as we pack our bags and set a sail for a month long trip on the cruise! In addition I would like to celebrate the last few moments of my life celebrating by popping a bottle of champagne and eating to my heart's content! So long as we journey on in life life,things like calories, cholesterol,the stress of putting on extra kilos,obesity etc have long dominated our thoughts before we could even think of indulging our secret now would be my time to live the moment and enjoy the moment!

3. I would love to celebrate the last Christmas of my life by attending a midnight mass at the Vatican city with my family and friends.A white Christmas,singing Christmas Carols in unison, the bonhomie,fun and fervor of the holiday season, exchanging gifts,making Christmas memorable for the less fortunate by extending my celebrations with them,making Snowman,lighting up the Christmas Tree, decorating the crib and hugging Father Santa Claus one last time as I hear the bells ring at the at the countdown to Christmas! Wow...that would be splendid!

4. Being a media and communication professional,I would like to direct a series of award-winning travelogue documentary on my life encapsulating the journey I've undertaken right from the first to the last which I hope would be screened around the globe and in turn inspire people to live each moment of their lives to the fullest! 

I would also hope to address in my travelogue, that in life we must take a pause, a deep breath and embrace change from the routine before it gets too late!

5. Above all, this one from my Bucket list is the closest to my heart. Though it's mentioned last, but last is always first in my accordance of things! In our life-time each of us endeavors to do something to change the world,make a difference and thus be remembered here's my chance at it! I would like to start an NGO armed with the responsibility of saving distressed children from the menace of trafficking, abuse and bonded labor by giving them an equal shot at life with the same opportunities as a privileged child would have by providing them with access to good food, health care and a sound education. In this way, I would see my life will live on through the gleaming eyes of these bright young children who would be the beacon of a new dream, hope and aspiration as they march on towards a bright new future!

So here's a sneak peek into my bucket list...what's your story? Do share it too! 
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