Friday, 2 November 2012


I remember it was last year when we were looking out for a washing machine and as it is confusion prevailed on whether we should opt for the top loading or front loading, automatic or semi-automatic, but the big question was the price. Though we had a fixed budget in mind and didn't want to exceed it but soon realized as we went from one store to another that nothing seemed to fit the bill! Another thing we observed during our survey was that stores were selective on the brands they kept, so that didn't give us much of an option to explore. And of course each one tried to persuade us in trying to sell us their top of the line brand even though we were clearly not interested. Now after a comprehensive search, we had almost given up hope and had somehow finalized on a semi-automatic washing machine.
Some how I don't know that evening what propelled me from within, perhaps I was not satisfied...not yet and I decided to run a search on the internet for some guidance and when this website came up it put an end to our dilemmas! Period. Now, I'm sharing this one with you because I don't want you as a customer to be fooled by a shopkeeper in believing that only what he shows is the best for you without giving you the options to decide or for that matter doesn't even bother to give you a complete rundown on the product you are about to invest in.