Saturday, 5 July 2014


As I read this wonderful futuristic topic by ASUS about assigning my phone a super-power, my sleeper cells just got charged and I felt no less than the creator of Marvel or DC Comics who was on the verge of creating awesomeness! Just imagine,an everyday gadget like your phone equipped with extraordinary powers...a step that would go on to revolutionize technology many notches ahead and empower the common man to the echelons of glory! Wow!!

And when I watched the powers that Adam Sandler's universal remote control possessed in the film,Click; I was convinced all the more as it reignited my imagination and consolidated this belief that an ordinary phone packed with superpowers could definitely transform the landscape of tomorrow!

So the big question is- What super-power(s) would I wish my phone to have?

For starters,I would like my phone to be capable of scanning and recreating a digital projection of my image. A digital clone of ME on the prowl would be great fun! And this digital projection would not be just another ordinary version of myself but it would have special powers too! 

Here are five amazing superpowers which I envisage that my digital clone/projection would have...

1. Mind-reading (robotic scans and brain mapping a la Terminator) my opponent would ensure that I would never take the wrong decision be it making personal or professional choices!

2. Appearing and disappearing would be second nature to my digital clone!

3. Flying to distant shores,places and countries to get a real-time overview of life on the other side of the continent would add great adventure to living! 

4. Learning whatever my heart desires would now be made possible with a single click and I'd become a genius in that subject within a fraction of seconds! The zest for life and learning would never cease!

5. An the power to listen to distant voices and interpret distress signals of those in trouble and appear to their rescue at the speed of light!

And all these functions that I just described above would be activated at the simple click of a button on my mobile (super-smart)phone! 

So here's the roller-coaster life I imagine for myself once my digital clone is reloaded with these extraordinary superpowers...

1. For that wanderlust which resides deep within me,I could go on a world tour free of cost! If it was possible now,I'd head straight to the FIFA World Cup and watch my favorite footballers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo live in action and relay them straight via 3G/4G link to my friends without telling them this secret! Did I smell... errrr...hmmm...jealousy?

2. I could be in two places at the same time and create a pandemonium! Creating some confusion among friends would up the excitement levels and break the monotony!

3. I could go double dating and never get caught! But then if you look at the positive side,I would spend less time in finding my Mr. Right!

4. I could go on a shopping rampage and get my wardrobe upgraded to the latest fashion in vogue!

5. I could steal the Kohinoor diamond without a trace and leave the Pink Panther clueless! 

6. No one would dare mess with me (or anyone) for I could be that invisible Mr. India who would beat the daylights out of them and leave them clueless on the identity of that 'Fearless Hunterwali Nadia' that (un)leashed hell on them! Some supernatural, ghost,spirit  etc. they may call me...Whatever!

7. I could learn as many dances forms, newer languages, fly a jet, become a scuba diver instructor or a philosopher without spending a dime on classes or courses and in a much shorter span  of time (seconds to be precise!).

8. I could be a celebrity,a fashionista,a scholar,a humanitarian etc. or all rolled into one and live the life I so desire to be!

9. I could send my digital projection to campaign on my behalf across the country while I prepare for the top job of being the Prime Minister of my country!

10. I could comfortably lead a life with dual existence! Having a desk job and being a capped crusader simultaneously like Peter Parker/ Spiderman, Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Clark Kent/ Superman...I could finally see my superhero dreams coming true in this lifetime! In fact,it shouldn't come as a surprise that superheroes on the big screen would take inspiration and try to be AS-US!

With this cutting edge tool,my life would be Matrix'ed in my phone and suddenly there would be so much meaning and purpose to it! And now as I pinch myself waking up from that #incredible dream...I visualize that the day is not far when what you dream would turn into reality instantaneously and the dynamics of life would change forever! 

The power of infinite possibilities and the gateway to our future now rests at the single click of a button on your phone! The day when technology marries human intelligence and imagination then all of us would be SUPERHEROES!


This post was written for the 'In Search of the Incredible #INCREDIBLEZEN' contest at Indiblogger  in association with ASUS

(**Image Courtesy-Stills from the films - Spiderman, Superman Returns, Batman Begins & Hunterwali**)

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