Tuesday, 7 January 2014


If a poem speaks the language of the soul...then here's one to decode as this one speaks from the heart! 

While on one hand I allay fears about my hair that undergoes wear and tear with different activities under different weather and climatic conditions then Sunsilk is quick to quell and dispel these so-called rumors about hair-problems! 

Sunsilk puts a complete full-stop to all hair problems! She is just like a buddy to me...and that's what buddies do really - reassuring, always to your rescue and finding a solution to all your problems!

Here's my poem, that gives me many a reason to recharge my hair and recharge my life with Sunsilk!

Lustrous hair is the crown of the face,
Adds to your personality - beauty, elegance and grace.

My hair got a new lease of life with Sunsilk's rejuvenating potion,
It just shattered a life-long myth and notion.

Tying my hair before any activity, I thought was the best thing to do;
Sunsilk taught me to flaunt it confidently all through!

So, after a long drive my hair would no longer be a subject for worry;
I wouldn't have to spend hours staring into the mirror and feel,"oh-so sorry"!

Now I could go bungee-jumping without a thought in the world,
Raring to take the plunge and watch a life upside-down unfurl.

No more will I have to tie a pony tail while playing basket ball,
Now I can show-off my lustrous mane to one and all!

I could now indulge in all my favorite sport games on the beach,
With no tension of dust and dull no more will I ever screech!

I could now go for long swims without any trouble or (s)care,
Dryness is history with just beautiful and bouncy hair!

My hair will no longer get tangled as I play in the rains,
With Sunsilk in my daily regime - there's no strain, just gains!

I could go camping to the hills and ride through rough terrains,
The sheen on my hair would remain and never wane!

My hair won't be affected  as I ride by the storm or walk in the sunshine,
Days of paranoia are more will I ever whine!

I'll have no second thoughts about grease, dirt or grime,
Sunsilk makes my hair soft n' shiny without spending a dime!

I can now enjoy unlimited roller-coaster rides or go round n' round on the giant-wheel,
And caress the gentle embrace of my hair as it feels.

I could now style my hair as often as I please,
Curls, Poker or Wavy...all with equal ease!

Sunsilk has given my tresses a new lease of life,
It's time to say goodbye to - stress and strife!

She is my friend, companion, buddy and pal,
Reliable, Revitalizing and Reassuringly boosting my morale!

So then...there's no denying that recharging your hair,
Could get you just... ANYWHERE!!!
If you liked my poem...then do write in! 
Thank you very much for your time!
This post was written for the 'RECHARGE YOUR HAIR, RECHARGE YOUR LIFE' contest at Indiblogger in association with Sunsilk

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