Friday, 25 July 2014


The effect that colors have on our life is simply fascinating!So whether it's a canvas or a palette of colors, the seven colors of the rainbow or a dash of floral and pastels in your wardrobe or dousing yourself in the festive splendor...colors uplift your mood! 

However...there is one color that is standalone yet magical and spell-binding! 
  • It alone makes all the difference!
  • It doesn't need another to complete or complement it! In fact,it earns you all the compliments instead!
  • It is one color you can never go wrong fact you inevitably end up making a statement! 
  • It is chic,classy and the cynosure of everyone's eyes!
  • It is a color that has stood the test of time and is never out of vogue! 
  • Those lustrous shiny mane would never go unnoticed if they are in that color!
  • Be it fashion, accessories,luxury goods etc...this color is always the belle of the ball or the center of attraction for it brings out the best of your personality! 
The color, thy name is the bold, beautiful and sensuous, BLACK!

Friday, 18 July 2014


As someone once beautifully said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And here,I once again find myself quite literally taking this step as I let my flight of dreams take wings when I write this post about making a journey towards the road of discovery to escape the humdrum of life and ready myself to embrace a fascinating adventure that's about to unfold... 

Enchanting Thailand-Stills from Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason 
And the country on my mind which strikes a perfect balance of serenity and spirituality, vibrancy of life and economy in living together with a blend of modern outlook and traditional values is Thailand! When I saw Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason,one glimpse of this beautiful country caught my attention (minus the troubles that Bridget gets in of course!) I quite loved the captivating landscapes, picturesque beaches, the Buddhist monasteries,their colorful attires, the effervescent nightlife and the much popular Thai spa that I am long waiting to experience in this magical country also aptly called the 'Land Of Smiles'! Furthermore,as I researched I realized that the title was a well deserved one indeed!Your smiles are intact for you don't need to keep worrying about how cash-strapped  (or poorer) you'd be after your trip because Thailand offers you a complete package-it is not just a tourists paradise but an economically viable holiday abode too!

Friday, 11 July 2014


Scent,Fragrance,Aroma...The very thought of these words sends positive vibes to your senses whereby you suddenly find yourself in a happy space and for no reason smiling at all! The smell of wet mud especially after it's rained or the fragrance of flowers like Jasmine, Mogras and Roses, the aroma of freshly baked bread or muffins coming from the oven or the scent of a man wearing Musk cologne makes a big impact!Somehow all these fragrances have an overpowering effect on us,including me! It leaves you numb while it lasts and at the end of it you're left wanting for a whiff of some more! 

And to elucidate my thoughts expressed above that's indescribable in words for something you can't see,eat nor feel but can only sense it,I've coined a definition for that...~ "If food be the nourishment for the soul then fragrance is the stimulant for the mind!" ~

Being a wanderlust,the city that never fails to capture my imagination is Goa! Goa to me is like the Brazil of India with the coastal tropical climate that's ever inviting you to soak yourself in the sun's warmth as you bathe,surf and swim in the expanse of the infinite sea,jog on the shores of the picturesque beaches,revisit the centuries old churches,enjoy the vibrant night-life,the colorful carnivàle,the delectable local cuisines and the warmth of the people! It's a magical city that has so much to offer to a wandering Boho-tourist like me!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


As I read this wonderful futuristic topic by ASUS about assigning my phone a super-power, my sleeper cells just got charged and I felt no less than the creator of Marvel or DC Comics who was on the verge of creating awesomeness! Just imagine,an everyday gadget like your phone equipped with extraordinary powers...a step that would go on to revolutionize technology many notches ahead and empower the common man to the echelons of glory! Wow!!

And when I watched the powers that Adam Sandler's universal remote control possessed in the film,Click; I was convinced all the more as it reignited my imagination and consolidated this belief that an ordinary phone packed with superpowers could definitely transform the landscape of tomorrow!

So the big question is- What super-power(s) would I wish my phone to have?

For starters,I would like my phone to be capable of scanning and recreating a digital projection of my image. A digital clone of ME on the prowl would be great fun! And this digital projection would not be just another ordinary version of myself but it would have special powers too!