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I have always been tech savvy in many ways, like I prefer online banking, online booking of movie tickets, e-conferencing etc but shopping online was a big ‘NO’ until a few months ago. I was always sceptical as I had questions about the product packaging, what if there was an in-transit damage or what if the product was not new and accessories were missing from the box, then how would I go about it etc.

Shopping is now fun...all at a click!
I would have still gone about my normal way of shopping, until one day my mobile phone conked out completely and I was left stranded without a phone! So, I went about shopping to some of the stores for the mobile phone brands I had in mind, but found them too expensive and each progressing mobile store I went to was asking more for the product if not less. Also the problem was that none of the sales people could give me a complete rundown of the product and some of them just showed me the box without letting me see the product.

Building a sense of confidence in buyers
Then, I said to myself, “Enough of it!” and I decided to randomly run a search on the internet for the brand and model number of the product I was looking for. And guess what? In the search results…I even found a deal in SnapDeal when it came first on the list, offering 55% off on that brand, I was but obviously astonished! On SD’s website, I got the detailed product description and a zoom in product option to have a good look at the product I was soon going to buy.

 I had finalized on SnapDeal primarily because it was offering me the option to -

Stock your cart while you're yet a home!
-Firstly, know my product well through the detailed description.

-Secondly, I knew what accessories were coming in the box.

-Thirdly, they had a COD (Cash on Delivery) option available, so I was all the more convinced.

-Fourth and the most important, SnapDeal had a policy of returning the product if it was found to be defective. So the above addressed all my concerns.

And last but not the least, the mobile phone had a whopping 55% off and there were no hidden charges whatsoever!

So, it was unexpectedly well below my budget as I was going to make a saving…I was simply thrilled!

Delivery and perfect condition!
It took me three days to decide on buying the product, but on the day I decided to do so sadly it was out of stock! I realized that on SnapDeal, you had to snap the products right away since the deals are so tempting and with the millions of buyers waiting to buy SD deals…there was simply no time to think whatsoever! I will remember it the next time I make a purchase on SnapDeal.

Since, the need of a mobilephone was pressing, hence I couldn’t wait any longer so I had to choose the next best option from another online portal to buy it, though the deal was not as fabulous as SD and it took longer than the estimated time to be delivered…but I will always cherish my first online shopping experience and recollect how I nearly missed out shopping on SnapDeal!
The mobile phone came in perfect order and serves my purpose well! I’m glad to join in the brigade of e-shoppers!
Thank you SnapDeal for initiating it!

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