Thursday, 18 October 2012


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On deciding a 'perfect gift'
I've always been in a quandary especially when the festive season is around the corner...wonder why? Besides the fun, frolic and festivities...I'm always in a constant state of flux when it comes to being the 'giftee'/'gifter' ! Many a times I often wonder on why such a pleasure and leisure activity turns into a drag!

India's got countless festivals and it's rather difficult to keep track of them all on your fingertips. And of course on many a such occasion, the mirth is priceless when it comes to receiving gifts but no sooner you realize both the moment and occasion has arrived for you to turn a 'giftee'/ 'gifter', it becomes a nightmare! And if I assess the situation here rightly, it's primarily because the period from the moment you are still deciding on a gift till the point of actually gifting're in a melee, you simply cease to be yourself in an endeavor to land yourself the 'perfect gift'!

E-gifting...yet to catch up!
Sometimes, it has even crossed my mind to simply present a gift card for a shopping, spa or restaurant. At times I've even thought of e-shopping a gift across...but it is often the notion of what my friends or relatives might think of me as that of being impersonal and insensitive in my approach that come in the way of these lovely gifting ideas getting chucked almost immediately! 

Of course, I've encountered not one but many such experiences when every year a week before my gifting spree could even begin, you'd oft find me lost in a gift shop for hours trying to finalize a gift and at the same time trying to make that last ditch attempt to remember what I gifted a particular friend or relative last year and the year before last! And that's precisely what the Oxford dictionary calls - "Confusion" -jumble, mess, disarray!!!

Though, at this juncture I must confess that none of my relatives or friends have ever made a snide remark at my choice of gifts...even though, many a times off hand, I do recall only to realize the many goof ups I've made on my repetitive choice of gifting the same items to a single person within one year!!!

So, keeping my past experiences in mind, I've decided to shed this tag of being a 'confused giftee' (gifter!) and make it a thing of the past by incorporating three things in that order (given below) which I hope to implement soon (Psst...I hope it's soon enough though!) and they are -

#1 - Keep a diary...I dunno what to call it! But I realize that this is a must. The next two points would perhaps justify a very good reason for having one! 

#2 - Chalk out a list in your diary...of course that's something you can't make in a day! I'll ensure that in a week, I'd go through the list at least once and add a name or two (and let my friends/ relatives  have a hiccuping time guessing who's remembering them!) . At least when the festivities are on, I'll be bang on with my updated list in order!

#3 - Now comes the big one...To make an entry of the nature of gift I've given my friends or relatives on each occasion... I know it sounds odd and silly, but I've largely justified the reasons earlier. By hindsight, what I do realize is that I wouldn't want my friends to open a shop or re-gift my gifts! ;) And for those who have stricter relatives or difficult friends (lucky me for that matter!) you wouldn't want them to have a moment alone to bitch about your poor taste and why give them that opportunity to do so? Why not keep track of it instead and avert a social disaster!

So...these are what I'm working at being the 'perfect giftee/ gifter'...I hope after reading this post your hands won't shudder the next time you receive a gift! ;)



  1. Great Tips Sonaal ! Good writeup , all the best for the contest.

  2. Thank you very much Uma! So glad to know that you liked it! And all the best to you too for the contest!

  3. That Diary tip is really useful. Thanks for sharing. Good post Sonaal, good luck :)

  4. Thank you so much Nandana! Glad to know you liked the post and that the diary tip finds takers besides me! :)