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As someone once beautifully said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And here,I once again find myself quite literally taking this step as I let my flight of dreams take wings when I write this post about making a journey towards the road of discovery to escape the humdrum of life and ready myself to embrace a fascinating adventure that's about to unfold... 

Enchanting Thailand-Stills from Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason 
And the country on my mind which strikes a perfect balance of serenity and spirituality, vibrancy of life and economy in living together with a blend of modern outlook and traditional values is Thailand! When I saw Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason,one glimpse of this beautiful country caught my attention (minus the troubles that Bridget gets in of course!) I quite loved the captivating landscapes, picturesque beaches, the Buddhist monasteries,their colorful attires, the effervescent nightlife and the much popular Thai spa that I am long waiting to experience in this magical country also aptly called the 'Land Of Smiles'! Furthermore,as I researched I realized that the title was a well deserved one indeed!Your smiles are intact for you don't need to keep worrying about how cash-strapped  (or poorer) you'd be after your trip because Thailand offers you a complete package-it is not just a tourists paradise but an economically viable holiday abode too!

And the five reasons are...
1)Cheap Flights and Tickets
2)Living in Hotels/Apartments/Resorts/Guest-House are reasonable with budget accommodations also available!
3) Thai food is inexpensive
4) Shopping can be rewarding with great deals and bargains!
5) Living is affordable

And besides being a low-cost destination,you can save double if you plan your itinerary wisely! You now no longer have to spend countless nights keeping awake on the best deals available because Skyscanner values every rupee you spend! 

So, all you have to do is visit, key in your requirements and relax while Skyscanner takes over by providing you a real-time customized and combined search on the best deals available across the web to bring back your lost smile! :-)

And now I'm going to do just that as I meticulously plan my travel to Thailand via Skyscanner and prove those of you wrong who still refuse to believe! And the big bonanza here is that Skyscanner is giving one lucky person a whopping one lakh rupees worth travel services to plan this dream trip!

So...let's get set planning this exciting adventure on Skyscanner!

Step 1 -Since I hope to undertake this wonderful journey with my parents,which makes us a perfect threesome; hence I shall firstly begin by keying in my destination, the number of people traveling and the dates of travel. However,instead of entering specific dates,I also have the option to select 'Whole Year' to get the best deals of flights and fares available during the year. (See pic)

Boarding - India
Arriving - Phuket (Thailand)
Number of people traveling - 3
Date of Travel/Return - Whole Year

Step 2 -Now after keying in the above details and hitting the search button,I get a complete list of airlines and the best airfares pan-India! I then select Delhi,the city from where I plan to board my flight since that would be most convenient to me. (See pic)

Step 3 -After narrowing down my search to Delhi, I get a cumulative result on the list of airfares offered by all major travel portals.This makes my task even simpler as I get an indicative price of the airfares which range between 22,970 - 31,337 per head in Economy. The clincher here is that if you book closer at the dates of travel, you might just land up a fabulous deal! However, I have planned this trip well in advance as November is my birthday month which I hope to make a memorable one in the company of my loved ones as we make this quiet getaway to Thailand!

Within this search,I can also select the dates of departure/return and pre-book my journey well ahead of time.So,I then enter 25th November 2014 as the date of departure and 10th December 2014 as the date of return.On totaling, the airfare for three adults works out to 23,022 x 3 = Rs. 69,066/= (See pic)

Step 4 - With bookings for traveling done,I now shift focus on my stay! But hey,no sweat here because at Skyscanner I can even decide on my hotels/apartments/villas while sitting in India! Skyscanner not just provides me with a list of accommodations available but also allows me to take an informed decision vis-a-vis the facilities and amenities they are equipped with much before I check-in together with helpful user reviews and ratings to ensure that I never make the wrong choice!

So with the same attributes that I keyed in for searching flights,I click the hotels tab and wait for the list to come up on my screen. Since I am on a budget, I select the 'Cheapest price' option for this 15 days trip. (See pic)

Now what appears in this search is a comprehensive six pages result collated of all the accommodation available for the dates specified! How cool is that...customer is king!

Step 5- After going through the detailed list of accommodations,I finalize on Sino Inn Phuket Hotel based on good user ratings and reviews, fair basic amenities provided by the hotel and at the same time keeping my budget under check.The cost of a triple room for this fifteen days trip works out to just Rs. 28,069! So if I add up our ticket fares together with the staying rentals, it totals to Rs. 97,135! All of which means that out of 1 lakh rupees I still have approximately Rs.3000 to spare that in turn can further be utilized for booking car hire services to commute in Phuket! And yes,you can book Car Hire services right here at Skyscanner as well! 

All in all, summing it up...
With Skyscanner you can confidently start planning travel to your dream destinations and make new memories together that would last a life-time! Ten years ago,planning such a trip was a nightmare but today it's one breezy ride indeed! With all your travel needs taken care of just at the click of a button on a user-friendly and a navigable website as couldn't possibly ask for more! And I do hope that besides reading my post as an entry to a contest you also find it a resourceful step-by-step guide on how to plan your trip as you go about exploring the tools Skyscanner has to offer!

Finally,I alight from my flight of dreams as I sign off this post on a quote by former Prime Minister of India,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in which he so beautifully encapsulates the joys of an adventure and the essence of living, in the words...
"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."

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