Tuesday, 23 January 2018


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Just like we need to get our basics of A to Z right before we begin to form sentences and gradually obtain mastery over the English language likewise "Vitamins" are the building blocks of our body and takes up just eleven letters of the English language beginning from A to K to give our body a whole new lease of life for our optimal functioning and well-being. 

Deficiency of any one of these Vitamins simply skews the entire balance of our system and our body is thrown open to a plethora of diseases! 

It is a known fact that people who work indoors have low Vitamin D levels due to their lack of exposure to the morning sun. Since I fall in the same bracket as them,I compensate for this loss by taking a Vitamin D supplement to keep it under check. I generally make it a point to to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet in my regular lifestyle comprising of leafy vegetables, lentils, wheatflour/ bajra, unpolished rice etc. Of course there are also times when I am working in another city and that's when everything goes for a toss right from my erratic schedule to irregular timings of my meals or junk food as I may add. I always thought by and large the Vitamin levels in my body were more or less maintained until I finally learnt my lesson the hard way.