Friday, 27 February 2015


There was a time when we waited for Saturday/Sunday to come,pulled out the supplement of Classified pages from the main newspaper,individually went through every ad depending on our requirement, zeroed in on potential sellers of products/ services and then the mammoth job of calling them began!

Since in a classified advertisement,each word was money...thus the description many a times of the product/service was brief and insufficient to arrive to a decision.

So then it was over long conversations on phone calls trying to get acquainted with some Mr. Sharmaji or Mr Varmaji and then his product as you tried to comprehend the condition of it based on his description only to get a shock at the end of it when he quoted his asking price! What a complete waste of time and money it was and the bad taste it left when at the end of the day what we were looking for was not to be found or was out of the allocated budget! 

It would be a day or for that matter days that we ended up wasting on this whole circus but to no avail until something exciting happened in our lives that changed our perspective and approach towards the whole subject of "classified pages"! 

Friday, 20 February 2015


Dear Diary,

The week-end is nigh and I have made no plans so far. I'm just not in a mood some how. This afternoon Shalini's invitation card for her marriage arrived. It's to take place on 4th March and being her good friend, I must mark my presence to celebrate this big day with her. With just 10-12 days to go,I should have been upbeat about it...but I don't know what's transpired in between! The big fat Punjabi wedding that we had all long been waiting for is finally happening! I had my outfit stitched especially for the occasion but I've suddenly developed a cold feet.There's an undercurrent of confidence and it's nothing to do with my outfit...could it be something to do with my appearance? 

O well yeah, it is! The comb that lies on my dressing table speak a thousand words.It has become a residue of falling hair...a tell-tale sign of my stress-levels hitting an all-time high! It can't be ignored. 

I can't cover my head on the wedding day nor can I wear a scarf. I don't like the idea of visible hair strands on my clothes becoming a talk of the town. 

Something has to be done about it. The problem has to be nipped in the bud. But how? 

[Ting Tong] I hear the door-bell ring. "Could this be an answer to the question that's lingering on my mind all along?", I ask myself.  "O, let it be. Let's attend the door bell first", I say to myself.

Man at the door: There's a courier for Ms. Sonaal. 

Me: O, yes that's me. Thank you (Lost deep in thoughts,I give him a clipped reply,sign the delivery sheet and take the parcel)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


There's a life that everyone desires, a goal they hope to realize and of hopes, dreams and aspirations we endeavor to accomplish in our life-time. Many a times it is "time" that we don't find to to go about fulfilling our pursuits, at times there are constraints of resources or the volcano of problems that drown us under when for a moment we forget to live the gift of Life until one day we wake up to see that it's all slipped away!

My life is a sum total of people who have made this expedition of my existence a memorable one indeed. Thus before my time is up...I would like to reward them in my own little way for their unconditional love,unstinting support and precious time they have shared with me out of moments from their life! Though no reward can equate what my parents, relatives or friends have done for me, but this is just my little gesture to express my gratitude and a little way of saying, "Thank you for making my life happen!"

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Today is Valentine's Day,a day when Cupid is sure to strike like lightning! So don't be surprised when out of nowhere you bump into a disinterested single who under 'normal' circumstances would have avoided you suddenly keen to mingle. And then after a fun-filled day spent together with the two of you finding solace about the fact that you didn't end up spending Valentine's Day alone would at the gong of 12 suddenly switch off those feelings realizing how ill-suited you were for one another and already grown repulsive about each other's presence! And the same drama would ensue the following year just in case you were not hooked up by then! 

However,if you played along with my idea of an ideal Valentine...then the chances of getting rejected or dejected would have reduced drastically as you would see the larger picture when you discover an unlikely candidate who could be your ever so reliable Valentine for all times! So are you ready? Then let's start with the very basic question that's in everyone's mind these days on who really is an ideal Valentine and what does it takes to be one! And I'll try answering that for you in just six points...