Sunday, 24 August 2014


Home is where my heart resides,
Where every corner holds a special place;
Her aura sends out positive vibes,
With her beauty, warmth and grace.

Home is an outlet of my personality,
With decor and artifacts to adorn;
A reflection of my individuality,
Where creative thoughts are born.


Sometimes my home needs a face-lift
To renew her recharge cells;
With her soul to up-lift,
That peace and harmony may dwell.

Sometimes my home needs inspiration,
To break the monotony of life;
To usher in a harmonious vibration,
So I pamper her like my wife!


So, this was once upon-a-time my story,
When I had to run down-town to different stores;
Expensive decor I had to buy to restore her former glory,
To make her prim and proper as before!

With my budget going for a toss,
And quality of products unassured;
I was constantly running at loss,
When they fell apart and were uninsured!

But one day everything turned out fine,
When I discovered;
For all my home needs it was my sure-shot helpline,
As gradually from the shocks I recovered.


Yo! Yo! MakemyHome is my haven to rejoice,
With different home-style products and renowned brands;
In my hands lie the infinite choice,
Like the fairy who has a magic wand!

No more I have to window shop in the sweltering heat,
When MakemyHome has fabulous deals;
Now, I can relax at home and enjoy a treat,
When at the click of a button, I put my seal!


So here comes an interesting contest,
Where from a thousand products I have to select three;
To give my room a makeover is the test,
And to this challenge I agree!

I somehow don't know where to start,
On products to select from this e-shopping mall;
So I come up with a wish-list and chart,
Before I succumb to this tempting haul!


'Pop' and Rock n' Roll are my favorite themes,
For it gives an edge of rebel;
While it deviates from the regular scheme,
But with my musical personality gels!

Thus music canvasses my personal space,
That reflect in the walls, artifacts and decor;
They give my room the much needed base,
And what more could I ask for!

Black and Red are the colors of Rock,
In my space, I wish to infuse;
So I start my search around the clock,
As with these parameters,I begin to choose!        


The rhythmic "Zeeshaan MJ Dance Wall Clock" is just the perfect prop,
With a wooden cut-out of MJ's iconic pose to inspire;
Making his way into my room is none other than the "King of Pop",
Here's just the product I desired!

This clock is sure to grab all the eyeballs,
By all who enter my room;
The red silhouette of MJ that stands so charismatic and tall,
An expensive product is what they'd assume!


The uber-cool "Wonder Arts Rock Band Wall Sticker" is next up on my wish-list,
Featuring a halo of musicians jamming up tonight;
Then how could this fabulous wall art I not resist,
When with my theme it just went right!

Standing are the figures twenty inches in height,
Playing the bass, drum, guitar and trumpet are a group of five;
It makes my room look larger than life and is quite a sight,
That a mere glimpse of it would get me to jive!


Finally comes the funky-"Valtellina Rocking Guitar Double Bed Sheet",
With beautiful dreams of music (im)printed to put me asleep;
When the strumming of guitars sound so melodiously sweet,
Then the wallpaper of guitars on my bed-linen could send me into thoughts so deep!

This unique bed sheet is blended with a 4D design,
In hues of  black and red are guitars and musical notes that define;
It looks so quirky, exclusive and fine,
No wonder this product gets all the votes of mine!   


My home decor would resonate to the sounds of music,
With the products from MakemyHome I hope to have someday;
It'd make my home look so contemporary and chic,
And it'd be worth the rupee I pay!

MakemyHome is your one-stop shop, 
The A to Z for all your home needs;
Try it once and give it a shot,
As with my opinions you'll concede! 

If you relished my poem...then do share your thoughts with me! :)
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  1. WOW ! U are gonna win for sure..this is a rocking post !
    Not that u need it but still
    All the best for the contest !

    1. Thank you very much Ananya for your kind words! I truly appreciate it and I wish you all the best for the contest as well!

  2. Wow, u have put in a lot of effort there...All the best!

    1. Thank you very much Shaivi, I'm so glad to know that you liked my entry! All the best to you too for the contest!

  3. This is wonderful!!
    Can't imagine poetry for this genre... you have done justice to it and so beautifully :) Loved it

    1. Thank you so much Rohini for your kind words of appreciation! So glad that you liked my li'l poem! :)

  4. Lovely post! M a newbie and just happened to stumble upon your blog.... Great work.

    -M Sonal too:) (with a single a)
    Do checkout my blog and let me know how u feel bout it, thank you

    1. Hi Sonal (with a single a), :) I am so glad that you liked my post! With your blog you have made a good beginning, keep the momentum going! I quite loved the name of your blog...American dreams! ;)