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The effect that colors have on our life is simply fascinating!So whether it's a canvas or a palette of colors, the seven colors of the rainbow or a dash of floral and pastels in your wardrobe or dousing yourself in the festive splendor...colors uplift your mood! 

However...there is one color that is standalone yet magical and spell-binding! 
  • It alone makes all the difference!
  • It doesn't need another to complete or complement it! In fact,it earns you all the compliments instead!
  • It is one color you can never go wrong fact you inevitably end up making a statement! 
  • It is chic,classy and the cynosure of everyone's eyes!
  • It is a color that has stood the test of time and is never out of vogue! 
  • Those lustrous shiny mane would never go unnoticed if they are in that color!
  • Be it fashion, accessories,luxury goods etc...this color is always the belle of the ball or the center of attraction for it brings out the best of your personality! 
The color, thy name is the bold, beautiful and sensuous, BLACK!

Talking of our tryst with the color,Black over the decades and you come to realize that this color is a legend! So many instances come right this minute to my mind just at the thought of black! At times the reference is spot on or at times a metaphor just to get across the point!


You had an era of BLACK & White movies in the 1950's also called the Golden Age of cinema... that had a beauty, charm and mystery of it's own!

Then you had the popular chart-buster song of the 60's by Los Bravos, ''BLACK is BLACK I want my baby back''  (Listen to the song!)

Then you also had the popular bed-time fable of The BLACK Beauty,an autobiographical memoir of a horse that captured your thoughts and imagination back during your childhood days!

Then you had a blockbuster film by the name, BLACK that was showered with a plethora of awards and recognition!

Then you also had superheroes like the dapper Men In BLACK fighting aliens while you had Batman, the caped crusader cloaked in BLACK saving Gotham city while making a statement in the dark of the (k)night zipping across the streets of Gotham in his customized BLACK Batmobile, Batcycle and Bat!

And then to add to it, in 2014 there's my list to contend with too! ;) How could the magic of black not have trickled over in my life too?

So here's my list of five just gets ambitious! :-)

1. Audrey Hepburn is not just an outstanding actress but a fashionista known for her impeccable taste and fine dressing too! No wonder, I am besmirched in the beauty of the diva's enchanting smile and feminine grace! And especially after I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, I was particularly in awe of her! In this film she makes two points...not only does she come up with a heart-winning performance but she makes a fitting fashion statement too! Do you remember her intro into the film? The phoney socialite,Holly Golightly emerges from a yellow taxi at Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue in New York City dressed elegantly in a stunning black Givenchy dress window shopping while enjoying a pastry and coffee! (Take a look at the video!)

Yes...That's the dress I would love to have as the latest designer entrant in my wardrobe - the iconic BLACK GIVENCHY DRESS! Nothing like it if Givenchy would design this dress exclusively for me! :-)

2. Even James Bond conceded that ''Diamonds are forever''!! This valuable quartz is an allotrope of Carbon (which is BLACK) and hence it comes as no surprise here that every girl you meet shares a unique bond and a deep attachment with this precious rock which finds it's humble origins deep inside the Earth and when refined it sparkles in the darkest of nights! That's the way a girl would always want to feel - Priceless! And I would like to feel no different either! So...I could have many 'best friends' bedecking me once I own a DIAMOND MINE! :-) And girls being girls we can easily add diamonds to any list without thinking twice and justify them very well too...and for I one am no different either! And then diamonds come in different colors, green, translucent white and BLACK as well! 

3. Since I am fond of pets,I would love to have a BLACK PERSIAN KITTEN - a cute furry companion to accompany me on those umpteen inter-city work trips that many a times gets boring,lonely and hectic! With her Meows (if I were to presume that she like other cats knew the Hindi language, then I'd presume her Me-Ow to be Main-Aao which in English meant, I'm coming!),I'd never be alone for my feline friend would rest in my arms as I caress her soft fur while she purrs! And yes,if I groom her a li'l more (like accessorizing her with some clips and pig tails), she could well be my perfect date to the parties as well! And together we'd be those gorgeous Girls in Black who'd rock the party! (Of course, you guessed it right i.e. when I wear that stunning and sexy Black Givenchy number with diamond accessories to the party!)

4. Now the next thing that I'd love coordinated in the color is Batman's swanky matte BLACK LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR from The Dark Knight Rises! Even the car has got one helluva personality and that's the prized machine I would want to show off to the world!! I'd like to borrow it from Batman himself as I drive down to the ball or better still if he simply gifts me the car instead...the multi-billionaire scion of Wayne Enterprises and Gotham's superhero could very well afford to buy (and break) many more! And yep, if he at all gifts it to me, I shall like "Mrs Wayne" engraved on the number plate since it's coming from none other than the Prince and Protector of Gotham city! ;-)

Check out the video of this mean machismo machine that's on my wishlist to which I'd like to add a feminine touch of my personality!

5. And finally,I would love to own the latest custom made tablet designed especially for me in glossy black with my initials embossed which would be equipped with cutting edge tools and technologies.This tablet would be crash-proof,have broadcast recording/transmitting capabilities and satellite-driven in case of a local network failure or extreme emergencies! And besides WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G would also be enabled with mobile V-SAT! Whoa!!! That's one loaded  gadget-A SLEEK BLACK TABLET which I would love to be a proud owner for sure!!! Perhaps,I could ask Lucius Fox from Wayne Enterprises to design this one for me in his R&D ...compared to the cool stuff he makes for Batman...this one would be a child's play for him! And the best part is I don't have to tell him what color I want this gizmo in ...he knows it! ;-)

Given below is the pictorial representation of my #WhatTheBlack wish-list as well! :-)

So here was my 'expensive' list of Black! 

By the end of this post I uncovered through my wish-list that Black was not merely a was more than that! The mystery of this color is not just hidden high above in the dark skies or deep below the earth's surface (as you mine Diamonds or other precious metals) but our creativity, craft and designs that in turn reflect in the inventions of modern gadgets, latest machines, exquisite work of art etc. are also a testimony to this fact that go on to define the true essence of Black!

All in all - Black is Mysterious...Black is Timeless!
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