Monday, 16 December 2013


Christmas is nigh, the season of love, good cheer, gratitude and Yuletide! 

It's that time of the year when children eagerly look forward to meeting Father Santa and ask him for gifts which he happily obliges provided they have been good and Santa has no complaints about them in the long list of homes he's got to visit! Isn't it not surprising that Santa gifts you exactly what you wished for? Like a doll house, remote-controlled car or a Lego set? 

Of course, we have all been through that phase of childhood when our parents who are our beloved Santa Claus in disguise give into all our indulgences on special occasions while discounting the many wonderful gifts they keep showering on us by way of their unconditional love, instilling good values and habits,healthy food, fine education,beautiful clothes, summer vacations and holidays, those lavish parties they have on our birthdays and so much more!

Sometimes there's more they do for us on the quiet in terms of insurance and policies which we are unable to comprehend as a child but as we grow up, we gradually come to realize it's importance and the fact dawns upon as that we are a sum total of our parent's dreams, hopes and aspirations which they see in us as our life unfolds.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


At the cafe, as I sipped a Cappuccino I recounted a bad day at work when my boss threw my annual report into the bin. After all the effort I’d put into it, I just felt like crying. For a moment, I began to hallucinate when I saw a scary montage of my boss juxtaposed with my headmaster, both of them yelling at me as they fidgeted with their un-groomed stubble smelling of perspiration!

And today I wanted no more of ‘stubbled’ men around me. But the irony was that right from the door attendant and waiter to the young couple on the table to my left and an old couple to the table on my right...all the men were sporting a stubble!  How I wish I could yell my lungs out and tell them to SHAVEEEEEEEE!!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013


I tried it with flowers, cards, cakes and just wouldn't work! I loved her and she knew it, yet she just kept avoiding me! 

She is Jenny, my childhood sweet-heart and the most gorgeous girl of our college! 

When we were kids,she liked me too! I remember once during our costume dress competition, I came dressed as Superman and she was so impressed that she told me when we'd grow up I'd be her date to the Prom. I was flattered. Boy, she was in love with me and I with her! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Once upon a time...we needed pigeons to relay information!

Once upon a time, we also needed the precious sacrifice of Pheidippides who ran 42 km as a human courier from Marathon to Athens to herald victory!

Not too long ago we had the telegram to convey vital texts of information which too phased away. 

Today with the penetration of technology by way of mobile phones in smaller towns and villages...the postal system is on it's last leg!

Oh boy...we have indeed come a long way! With giant strides in science and technology, we have ushered into the "Digital Age" where information travels faster than the speed of light!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Are you a Chandigarhite? And do you occasionally enjoy some fine dining?Sometimes indulging your taste buds can burn a hole in your pocket especially when you are unaware of the best dining options that's available in your city.

Now, ponder for a moment when I ask you - How'd it be if you were offered a variety of unlimited Indian and Chinese cuisines at a reasonable price? In fact, how'd you react if I said that a meal for two would cost you around just Rs. 700-800? And what would you say if I told you that a lunch or dinner at the restaurant offered you food that's 'unlimited'? And now if I elaborated a bit and told you that an unlimited meal comprised of soft-drinks, starters, six types of salads, around twelve to fifteen dishes in the main course with vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, six yummy desserts and four different flavored ice-cream? Now, would you be surprised or still have second thoughts about it? 

So, here's where this review comes in!