Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The New Year has come,
But Ruhi's problem has just begun;
This is the best part of the year for some,
But for this young 'un where's the fun?

Flashback to the real story from Ruhi's diary...

And so she thought she knew him well,
As they were childhood sweethearts and very good friends;
So they decided to take their relationship to the next level,
For together the rest of life they wished to spend.

She was thrilled and over the moon,
With wonderful moments they had spent;
But this blissful honeymoon was cut short O, too soon,
As she observed the changes he underwent.

Little did she know that he had a mistress,
For he pampered "Miss Stubble" with scents and special oils on his face;
And how could not Ruhi's spirit be damp and listless,
As she was fighting a losing case!

Intimacy in the marriage was a long lost thing,
As Miss Stubble constantly began to interfere;
Her fangs of sharp hair caused Ruhi such a sting,
When cuts on lips and roughness on skin began to appear.

Ruhi had fallen out of love with her handsome spouse,
For Miss Stubble made him look grumpy and older;
So Nikhil began to hold on her a grouse,
As she developed a huge crush on Ian 'Damon' Somerhalder.

Gradually the situation spiraled out of control,
As Miss Stubble had become a bone of contention;
On their relationship it took a toll,
As it escalated the quarrels and tension.

At the office...

He thought of Miss Stubble as his lucky charm,
And wore her proudly daily at his work;
He let not a razor do her any harm,
As he stroked her gently, smiled and smirked!

But Miss Stubble did not impress Nikhil's boss,
For she made him look like a crook;
He was warned that his promotions and perks would go for a toss,
If he did nothing to change his looks!

Finally...a ray of hope!

Ruhi pleaded with him to let go off Miss Stubble,
But he would not give up and relent;
He was asking for some more trouble,
As they got into a heated argument.

In the West,couple's separate on grounds of snoring,
With this she dropped the d-bomb;
On this point she set the temperatures soaring,
As she got across the message with aplomb.

Watching Utpal Dutt in Golmaal - he decided to yield,
As he took Gillette's razor closer to his face;
And lo, a handsome face was revealed,
That the world would come embrace!

After a long ordeal, Ruhi got Nikhil back into her life,
As he banished Miss Stubble from his life forever;
They lived on happily ever-after as man and wife,
And the thought of Miss Stubble crossed him never!

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