Monday, 24 March 2014


I have never been to Malaysia but from all the fascinating tales,adventures and jaunts my friends have experienced and shared with me over the years...this country is an important destination that that I've circled on the map of my atlas on one of the places I must visit at least once in my life-time.

One of the aspects I best love about Malaysia is that like India it embraces diversity.It is a multicultural country with people of different religions,races and ethnicity residing together as they celebrate festivals and occasions of all religions with the same zest,bonhomie and fervor! So, Malaysia is like a home away from home!

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Love transcends all boundaries...all it takes is the first connection when two loving hearts meet and then...barriers know no distance, time, space, geography, topography, location, limits nor constraints! 

When I mentioned space,I was reminded of the film,Wall-E when a lonely trash compactor robot,Wall-E falls in love with Eve,an advanced robot during her visit to Earth so much so that when her mission is over,Wall-E even follows her back to space and faces all challenges and obstacles to win her over...and this feeling is what we all know by a magical name called 'Love'

On the celluloid,if on one hand we've witnessed cross-border love in films like Refugee and Veer Zara then we have also seen cross-state love stories blossoming in films like 2 States,Mr. and Mrs. Iyyer, Main Aur Mr. Iyyer among several others. 

The point that I'm trying to make here is that where there's true love...there are no distances, hurdles nor impediments! You want to climb that hill or surpass all odds to make that someone feel special!

Monday, 3 March 2014


They say beautiful hair mirrors your personality and it's no different with me! However,my hair is also a reflection of a myriad moods and emotions...those that are not easy to predict and have no set recurring patterns but they find a friendly outlet of expression through my hair which speaks a unique language of it's own that is so easy to decipher!In fact,the language of my hair is even simpler than the matters of the heart provided you understand it! 

And I understand that special language because I nurture and nourish it with the gentle goodness of Dove's not a shampoo,it's a cream that permeates deep into the roots as it enriches the scalp and strengthens my hair.The end result is healthy and bouncy hair with a natural sheen!So,I can style my hair just the way I want it to be to suit my 'seven' different moods and avatars depending on the situation!