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They say beautiful hair mirrors your personality and it's no different with me! However,my hair is also a reflection of a myriad moods and emotions...those that are not easy to predict and have no set recurring patterns but they find a friendly outlet of expression through my hair which speaks a unique language of it's own that is so easy to decipher!In fact,the language of my hair is even simpler than the matters of the heart provided you understand it! 

And I understand that special language because I nurture and nourish it with the gentle goodness of Dove's not a shampoo,it's a cream that permeates deep into the roots as it enriches the scalp and strengthens my hair.The end result is healthy and bouncy hair with a natural sheen!So,I can style my hair just the way I want it to be to suit my 'seven' different moods and avatars depending on the situation!

Take One 
Situation: At work and my promotion depends on this one presentation!
Hair Challenge: I'll go for poker straight hair-style to get my point across the board or I'll go for a slicked back half-updo to let the seriousness of my look get all their attention towards this presentation to tell them that I mean business! 
Here's to Her/Hair-Power!!

Take Two
 Situation: A regular,busy,boring and predictable day at office- Of files,emails,office gossips,'forever angry' boss and  jealous  colleagues...Phew!
 Hair Challenge: In such an atmosphere...I need to beat the heat,not quite literally! But with soaring temperatures (you gotta hand it over to your disgruntled boss and gossiping colleagues) and everyone pushing you to the edge,it's time for my hair to do all the talking.And this I'll achieve by tying a neat Celtic knot bun with Chinese hairpins to let them know that despite all work pressures,I am unruffled and cool!You talk of hair-speak... then here it is!

Take Three
Situation: Weekend is nigh! It's time to Disco as I dance away my worries and beat the stress with my lovely tresses showing off some new moves!
Hair Challenge: On the dance floor is when my hair expresses itself in all vigor! 
So,I'll style my hair into soft curls or ringlets so that they hop to every beat and rhythm as it dances away to all the jazz and razzmatazz! 

Take Four
Situation: Girls day out at the beach with sun bathing,swimming, soft-ball, Scrabble and girly gossips!
Hair Challenge: Whoever told you that your hairstyle options at the beach were limited and keeping them tucked under your swimming cap was the best thing to do,was just lying! Now,I for once would take a cue from Dimple Kapadia in the film,Saagar who taught us to prance confidently in a swim-suit with gorgeous wavy hair to compliment the look! I'd go a step further and add Copper brown highlights to make a striking entry! Just imagine...your hair getting playful as it bounces off your shoulders is sure to win you the Soft ball match as your friends envy your lustrous hair while you get to score all the points!

Take Five
Situation: A best friends wedding where the next important person is 'You' and everyone wants to get acquainted with the bride's special friend!
Hair Challenge: So,it turns out that I have the right gown, accessories and Cinderella's shoes (hoping to bump into my Prince Charming at the wedding),now it's time to make heads turn...i.e. to look gorgeous and be the center of attraction!And if I am hoping to meet that special someone,then after the first eye contact he's going to look at me closely and I can't for sure let my hair mess it up for me! So,I have two options here when it comes to styling my hair-I'll go for a French Roll hairstyle with flowers,small butterfly clips and pins to accessorize it or I'll side sweep my hair with a fish-tail hairstyle and sweep him over!

Take Six 
Situation: Weekend is here,besides the fun it's also time get your act right and get things organized in proper order...particularly for me since I am a stickler for cleanliness!So,it's clearing the mess in my room,organizing the shelves,doing the laundry,ironing my clothes and preparing for the week... Phew!
Hair Challenge: In times such as these when things are unkempt,I get into a Boho mode and my semblance is no less than a hippie(or a pirate as some may say!) with my hair braided into fine plaits and a bandana to complete the look...that's my hair statement!Psst...some even say that I resemble a certain Jack Sparrow a la Johnny Depp...Whoa! A compliment as this makes work fun!

Take Seven 
Situation:I love camping,trekking,safaris and rock climbing tops the list on my idea of a perfect adventure!  
Hair Challenge:When in the hairstyle get wilder! Instead of going for a regular high pony tail hairstyle with a cap,I love sporting a Mohawk(and at times with colored streaks) lends me a new persona altogether!I guess,my hairstyle finds an inspiration from Mother Nature herself i.e. from the woody woodpecker whose Mohawk sets the trend when it comes to deciding my adventurous hairstyle!

All in all,thanks to Dove...I can confidently flaunt a new hairstyle everyday for I can never imagine a bad hair day!What's that term anyway?It's archaic and past tense...time to replace it with Dove Shampoo!
My hair now speaks seven different languages... how 'bout yours?

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