Thursday, 20 February 2014


We pop pills to treat different diseases but when "Laughter is the best medicine",freely available to all...then what's the problem?

Do we need a stimulant to boost laughter? Could chocolates do the trick?Seems a yummy idea indeed!The very thought of chocolates shakes off the yoke of seriousness and fills me with smiles...that's the magic it has on me! After all, you don't get a strip of tablets for five bucks but you get a bar of chocolate for sure! 

And according to my theory (I've coined one for a change) - "Chocolates activate the sleeper cells of your system by heightening the positive emotions and spreading sweetness from the electrical signals interpreted by the brain!"  
How's that for a more scientific explanation?! 

Monday, 10 February 2014


India has always shared a special connect with Britain;so even while they ruled us,we parted as friends and this bond has only strengthened over the decades.The impression they have had in our lives has been a lasting one indeed-The Queen's English which we all converse in so fluently was one such treasure,their education system,their constitutional architecture,the beautiful buildings of the Victorian Era,the railways and so many such invaluable contributions!Thus,I always had this much cherished dream that some day I would pursue my further studies in Britain because it was another place that I could call home!