Thursday, 12 November 2015


People we meet in our journey of life don many a role...while some go on to become our acquaintances,others become friends, few others are those whom we come across by chance, who make an impression and possibly never even meet again,then there are those from whom we draw our inspiration, one or two go on to become our role models and finally it boils down to one or at maximum two people in our lifetime who leave an indelible impression in our lives.This is how at best we remember people from our journal entry of experiences and rendezvous called life!

Invariably, our role models or our source of inspiration are those whom we reserve for our parents, elders in the family or even a world leader,social reformer/worker, etc. The ones in whose company we progressively grow with over the years are those whom we confer the title of 'friends' else it is at best left as a chance acquaintance with someone we met once and just left it there without taking it any further.For instance,while traveling in a long distance train particularly,during the course of the journey if you happen to have a conversation with the person seated in your next berth and you end up striking a good rapport with the person,at best you end up exchanging numbers or you just say your one last goodbye knowing that this meeting was meant to last as an acquaintance. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


That time of the year has finally arrived when the hunt for a perfect traditional wear begins. Many a times we turn to our closets to dig out for that long forgotten traditional attire which we at some point of time may have purchased but were too embarrassed to wear among our social circles for fear of being tagged as a 'behenji' or at most found it plain boring, routine and a safe bet to wear at an Indian festivities or function. Alternately for many others it is that time of the year to replenish our stock of ethnic clothing as we go around shopping for the right fabric,design,color and fit be it at malls or online in order to get our act right and our look in sync with the festivities around us.

And so is the case with me...with jeans,tees,shirts,capris etc., Western wear dominates my fashion choices. I hardly have the patience to go shopping for an Anarkali kurta or salwar kameez and splurge on big labels when I know that I would hardly be wearing them at all. Thus formals for me is mainly gowns, long slit skirts, dresses, palazzo pants and shirts etc.

But this year on,fashion and style is all set to evolve as I get set to create an idea which is a perfect blend of minimalist and elegant, a symphony where Indian ethnic wear marries Western clothing. And I somehow get an inkling that at the end of it, you are sure to stand out as a style maverick as you put your best foot forward! But...are you ready?

I will now play your style guru as I add some sass and versatility to your ethnic outfits. This year, my festive mantra screams loud and clear - "Go Fusion"!