Wednesday, 3 December 2014


When the spirits are low and a good news comes by,it is like a breath of fresh air for it uplifts the mood,spirit and expectations of the people in any given situation.Likewise the Indian aviation sector which has been keeping low for sometime now has a good reason to cheer about when Lufthansa's giant green bird,the A380 makes her home in India and in the hearts of all Indians!

So,now the stage is set as we get ready to put our best foot forward when we tell the world why #BiggerIsBetter and discover how Lufthansa could well be the game changer of Indian aviation! 

And here's a simple poem I've coined to sum it up...

Welcoming Lufthansa to India...
The dawn of a new era begins,
When Lufthansa's giant green bird makes her grand entry;
So let us now celebrate with beer, vodka and gin,
As we greet her with great joy to our country!

Accept our salutations with a warm Namaste,
As we wish you many happy flights;
We pray that Lufthansa is here to stay,
And may you fly by day and night!

On the auspicious date of 8th November,
She marks her debut on Indian shores;
So don't you forget but always remember,
For now is the time to come explore!

So let's give her a rousing welcome;
With rice, flowers,diyas and vermillion;
And play aloud the trumpet, bass and drum, 
As she sets afoot on India's pavilion!

It's time for us to rejoice,
When our aviation sector now gets a boost;
The Lufthansa A380 is India's new voice,
As we get set to rule the roost!
"Green Lufthansa" is here!
With low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions,
This giant green bird is a friend of the Earth;
Setting a benchmark for a sustainable future is their mission,
So, it's time to recognize these techniques worth!

From Titanium scrap management and Carbon fiber recycling,
To the return of card-board packaging;
These are Lufthansa's conscientious efforts and planning,
For with their research, these initiatives are happening.
Why #BiggerIsBetter? 
The world's largest passenger airliner is parked right here,
To give you memories sublime;
Now ready yourself for a thrilling adventure this year
As Lufthansa gives you an experience of a lifetime;

On the Delhi-Frankfurt route you now have daily flights,
With luxury, class, comfort and entertainment;
Now traveling can be such a delight,
So,it's our time to live the moment!

The Boeing has spacious interiors,
And looks no less than a world class hotel;
This double-deck wide-body airbus looks so grand and superior,
That it does not fail to cast a spell!

Now on-board there's room for so much accommodation,
When a wedding entourage can travel on an A380 flight;
#BiggerIsBetter for Indian aviation,
As I foresee wedding tourism in sight!

#BiggerIsBetter means healthy competition,
Cheaper tickets, best prices and bigger discounts;
Thus giving travelling an all new definition,
That every step of the way would count!

#BiggerIsBetter means upgraded amenities,
And offering more for less would be the key;
So this is the best time to explore overseas,
As India gets set on a travelling spree! 

Lufthansa will bring home new tourists each day,
Our customs, culture and traditions they'll discover; 
In this bonhomie and bonding we'll learn their ways,
As we enrich our knowledge and part as brothers. 

Lufthansa's entry marks a grand beginning,
Scripting a chapter in Indo-German relations;
Our cultural exchanges now take wing,
When two great nations share new equations.
Brand Lufthansa is the best,
And the A380 is a proof of it;
This is the truth the world attests,
So here's our chance to come admit!

I wish them much success on their new innings,
And many Bon Voyages that keep them on safe wicket;
May they conquer our hearts and keep winning,
As Lufthansa is India's best ticket!
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Image Courtesy - Rediff

This post was written for the '#BiggerIsBetter' contest at Indiblogger in association with Lufthansa

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