Thursday, 22 May 2014


Power of technology: Sky is the limit!
Technology governs my life right from the moment I wake up till the time I hit the bed!

I remember there was a time when monotony had crept into my life.When the quest for discovery and knowledge was the sole monopoly of a handful who thought they could boss or bully into giving you cryptic or clipped answers to your endless questions; so, the thirst for knowledge gradually died down and ended there until one day a miracle happened!

Technology came and conquered us all! 

It became a level-playing field transcending all social, economic, political, cultural and geographical barriers as the world ushered into the digital age!

Today, technology is an open cesspool for knowledge, growth, learning, interacting, socializing, experimenting, inventing, innovation, imagination, creativity, sharing, giving and so much more! Sky is the limit!

Being a media and communication professional, right from scheduling my appointments (and customizing them in my own voice!) to conducting e-conferences on my smartphone(or laptop),technology has helped me to operate remotely,smoothly and efficiently sitting from the comforts of my home or any part of the world! So,I don't have to hire a secretary to schedule my work when one gadget is omniscient and omnipotent to do the work of many! And with this smart move...I am also making a contribution towards saving the planet in reducing my carbon footprint!

There was a time that whenever I would travel for meetings to different cities,I vividly remember my mobile beeping with smses and calls every half hour to keep check on my security and well-being.At times extensive research had to be done well in advance on the city I was visiting vis-a-vis on where to eat, stay or shop!

But thanks to technology...all my worries can now take a backseat!

Today,my smartphone powered with versatile apps enables my loved ones to keep tab on my movement to any city with just one SOS text alert! And what more is that the A-GPS on my phone ensures that my navigation to any city is a flawless ride indeed sans the baggage of hand-guides, maps and above all relying on smooth talking people to show me the way! These days specific apps help me find the best deals for food, lodging and shopping as well! Since I am a foodie,so whenever I am visiting a new city I make it a point to check my app and study the ratings of the best eating joint in that city! Likewise during my travels I make it a point to read reviews of people's travel experiences on their blogs,some travel sites,the Do's and Don'ts which make it easier for me to explore the local bazaars,cuisines,night-life,sight-seeing etc... thanks to this high-powered gadget I'm abreast with the times we live in! I'm bang on! But all this can only be attributed to the wonders of technology which has simplified life for the best!

My rendezvous to newer cities has become a memorable and pleasurable experience because a multitasking gadget as my smartphone is equipped with a high resolution camera and HD I can now document my travels by writing travelogues, making short videos,taking breath-taking pictures and share them in a fraction of seconds on social networking sites to make my virtual presence known to my friends,followers and those around the globe! The world is my stage,indeed!!

When I'm visiting relatives,I'm oft left alone during my travel journeys by train owing to my erratic work schedule! :( But I make the best of it, as I get chit-chatting with them on Skype so that by the time I've reached there...I haven't missed out on all their latest gupshups and news! Many a times during that five hour long journey I also end up watching a movie, some videos or listening to songs pre-loaded in my Dropbox or FM radio to while away my time!

I am a Scrabble addict! Period.So whenever I have a few minutes to myself at work or even when the journey gets boring,I get 'Scrabbling'! I've installed the app on my smartphone and at the click of a button there's always someone online playing this game in real-time worldwide.This has helped me to hone my Scrabble skills as I play opposite the world's best and in the process discover newer words to add to my vocabulary while I make new Scrabble buddies! And someday I hope to put my prowess at Scrabble to test by participating in tourneys world-wide!

Technology has indeed revolutionized the landscape of the world. You cannot envisage what life would have been without technology for it has made it's presence felt in every fiber of our existence! It has added quality to living and given us a renewed sense of freedom towards expressing life! 

Life without technology would be akin to the wheel rolling backwards into the dark ages of the stone-age man! 

From there...three magical words went on to describe life as it would come to be- Evolved, Progressed & Transformed!

This post was written for the 'TIME TO TRANSFORM!' contest at Indiblogger in association with ASUS

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