Thursday, 25 June 2015


Some years ago when the epilator was introduced it became a must-have in every girl's handbag. It was her companion on the go. So whether she was traveling, at home or in her office and had to attend a social function or a board meeting at a short notice,she could epilate her legs in a matter of minutes and wear her favorite dress or skirt and look gorgeous!  

Today yet another gadget that shares the same versatility and is all set to become her ubiquitous companion when it find its way in her hand-bag is Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - the electronic foot file that is now available in India which is here to simplify pedicure for us!

It is a known fact that our feet are the most neglected area of our body.It bears the brunt on all fronts - be it body weight,stress,pressure and friction owing which skin begins to stiffen over a period of time.Many a times,it is due to our constant exposure to water or during the monsoons that our heels begin to crack and skin begins to peel when rough edges are observed and they are distinctly felt especially as you run your hands over the heels and soles of your feet. If our feet were not vulnerable due to certain factors that are beyond our control,then we wouldn't have had salons flourishing around the corner offering us a vast choice of expensive pedicures to chooses from!

Thus, before I begin with this review on the product, let me ask you a few questions - 

Saturday, 20 June 2015


The bond that a father shares with his daughter in particular (or for that matter his children) is one of it's kind! As a daughter when I write this post,I describe this relationship at best between a priceless gem and it's beholder for it is polished, cared, protected and treasured by him all his life; he would rather put his own life at stake but never part with it until the righteous one deserving of it's value comes by.I am sure that by now you must have understood the analogy that I drew between the two.And most certainly that is indeed the tender relationship which a daughter shares with her father. It is simply endearing, emotional and priceless! 

Today as I go down the memory lane,I recall the times when I played fashion guru to my dad which was more of a fashion faux pas I can say because I can only beam with laughter at some of the silly antics I did as a child. 

I remember when I was just knee-high and dad would be getting ready to go to office,I would pick the tie for him. Since I loved colors and didn't have the knowledge that on what matched with which attire or rather they were worn that way,I would simply select the tie from his wardrobe that caught my fancy,it's a situation that would remind you of a kid picking colorful candies from a candy store! Then there were times when dad had to prompt me to get a particular color tie and I would happily do the honors. Today as I remember those moments from the past, they come alive in my mind and I can't help but smile over it because even though dad knew that the tie didn't gel well with his over all look, yet he wore it just for me! Perhaps,he may have even taken off the tie before entering his office or carried an extra in his brief case...but then at the end of the day,he let me have my way! 

Friday, 12 June 2015


During our growing years, there was a treasure-chest of knowledge that our mothers were waiting to pass on to us which would be useful and beneficial to us as adults some day. And she was right for this treasure chest was no ordinary one for it was filled with precious solutions and remedies on health, wellness and fitness which we could tackle on our own in the event of an emergency.So whether it was breakouts on skin, toothaches, tummy trouble, hair fall etc - she waved her wand and magically found solutions to them all within the four corners of our home. At times, she would go to the bazaar and return home with a herb in her hand that she would prepare a concoction of and make us drink (and gulp down our throat!) which would take us a step closer towards healing. As I write this article,I am sure many of you would recall some of these instances from your life and attest this fact for you too share a common thread with this story. 

And my mother for one in these matters was no different either! It was over the years and to this day that I learn from her example when it comes to keeping medicines at bay and as much as possible to rely on Mother Nature for a permanent and lasting cure to daily problems. And the added advantage was that relying on home remedies or for that matter Ayurveda was a better way to deal with the problem at hand because they were freely available, inexpensive (i.e. not heavy on the pocket) and had no side-effects.

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As a child I would frequently gorge on street food without a care in the world and played outdoor games so confidently as though the sun was my friend.And the end result was sub burn, tanning, boils, skin rashes etc. However,mommy dearest never complained. While she managed to curb my intake of street food altogether but she never stopped me from playing outside or indulging in any new sport. But at home,she would take over. I recall the times when she would bathe me in a paste comprising of Besan (Bengal gram flour) with a pinch of turmeric and milk on my face,neck and body and keep it for a good twenty minutes and then wash it off with cold water.And when I observed her doing this as a mandatory ritual on weekends,I would question her and then lovingly she would say,"My baby will have soft,supple and beautiful skin." and on saying so,my face would light up with with joy. 


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I can't believe that fourteen weeks have gone by so quickly as the curtains come down for Phase-I of the Wow Korea Supporter 2015. 

In the fourteenth and concluding post of this series, I shall share with you yet another amazing aspect of South Korea when I discovered that they were not just brilliant innovators of the digital age but even the everyday people are not far behind when it comes to harnessing the tools and techniques of the internet era. In fact they live,eat and breathe in the air of technology. They could also be called the movers and shakers of the IT (Information Technology) age!

Ranked as the world's "leading digital city" and a "tech capital of the world,here are some fascinating figure on how tech savvy this nation is! South Korea has a wired culture with a whopping 82.7% high internet penetration where 78.5% of the entire population uses smartphone (as of 2013) and between the age group of 18-24, the smartphone outreach is a record high of 97.7%!!

Thus I am not surprised at what I am about to share with you!

Friday, 5 June 2015


During the last twelve weeks,my articles on the Wow Korea series may have given you an insight on all the possible places you could explore in South Korea during your next visit there - from museums, heritage sites, beaches, universities, themed bus tours, shopping destinations,amusement parks etc. to the local cuisines and the calendar of events taking place all through the year wherein you could participate and end up having a gala time provided you have a meticulous travel itinerary in place.

In the thirteenth post of the Wow Korea series,I shall acquaint you with some lesser known facts about Korea which I bet you didn't know! In fact,it came as a pleasant surprise to me when I learned about them! I believe that it is through these precious little nuggets of information that we gradually come to learn about a nation's belief-system and discover the pulse of this vibrant nation.

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The Blood connection: The next time when you are in Korea and upon your interaction with the locals, if you find them taking a shine to you and begin inquiring about your blood not press the panic button! Do not even for a moment think that they are pulling you out to the nearest blood donation camp or asking you to participate in a medical research or some such study etc. 

In fact, according to South Korean culture, blood doesn't merely deliver oxygen to the rest of your body but it plays a big deal in determining your personality,temperament and compatibility!Yes, you read that right!! And based on this,people in South Korea are stereotyped and classified on their blood-type. Though this belief may have originated from Japan, but it has taken a strong-hold in the South Korean culture.In fact,such is the influence of blood,that it even has a say in matrimony especially when it comes to determining on who could be your potential match too!