Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The New Year has come,
But Ruhi's problem has just begun;
This is the best part of the year for some,
But for this young 'un where's the fun?

Flashback to the real story from Ruhi's diary...

And so she thought she knew him well,
As they were childhood sweethearts and very good friends;
So they decided to take their relationship to the next level,
For together the rest of life they wished to spend.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


In a line if I had to give my answer to the question on "Yes or No to Pre-marital sex" then my answer to it without batting an eye-lid would be a resounding and an emphatic, No! Now as you go on to read this article you'd know why I think so and what are my views on this subject.

It was some time back when I first watched the film,Fiddler On The Roof and I remember Tevye,the protagonist and father of three girls of marriageable age emphasizing on tradition even as the girls go on to make their own choices when it comes to marriage.That was the tradition back then (and still continues to be) where marriage is the responsibility of the parents right from deciding the match to marrying her off and seeing her settled in her new home.

Today look at how times have changed.Cut to the 21st century and everything has reversed.The moments couple shared post-marriage are all happening prior to the culmination of the marital bond.And before you even know it,the boy and girl have already split-up!!That's how fickle relationships have become today.You could attribute this shift to our prolonged exposure to the Western culture which is so predominant in our lives especially with the influx of satellite television channels together with the internet age that it has made us vulnerable to the trappings and newer "concepts" it has to offer thus leaving an indelible impression in our minds that momentarily yet gradually we are setting adrift from our roots.We are incapable of sifting good from the bad and right from the wrong.We ape fashion blindly because that style/cut/clothing is popular in the West so we jump into the bandwagon.Likewise we bring home concepts of live-in,pre-marital sex,prenuptial agreements because the West does it,so why not us!Bottom-line here is where is our identity?Have we lost it?Are we even prepared for this change in the first place?We oft forget that it is the roots that make a tree strong for without the roots a tree ceases to stand up straight neither does it have a firm foundation on the ground it stands.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I believe sometimes in life you've got to take risks to reach to the top.We've got to jettison the baggage of fear behind to touch the pinnacles of glory and not let fear be an impediment in the way of progress.And if we don't fight our demons that manifest themselves in the form of 'fear' then we'll be enslaved in the shackles of it forever.

Going back in time,I recall as a child when I attended a spiritual meeting,the spiritual lecturer decoded the true meaning of 'Fear'.She said F.E.A.R was nothing but-'False' 'Evidence' 'Appearing' 'Real' and I've taken to that definition of fear ever since.All in all what she was actually trying to instill in both the adults and children present there was that fear was nothing but an illusion of the mind. 

Over the years,when I was pushed to the wall or had to prove myself in a given situation,I discovered the only way that I could quell the feeling of fear was when I didn't give it a damn in the first place! In fact,F.E.A.R was nothing more than a mere acronym which I'd oft repeat it in my thoughts and it read as-"False Evidence Appearing Real" or better still in a positive way was telling me - "Face Everything And Rise"

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


When the spirits are low and a good news comes by,it is like a breath of fresh air for it uplifts the mood,spirit and expectations of the people in any given situation.Likewise the Indian aviation sector which has been keeping low for sometime now has a good reason to cheer about when Lufthansa's giant green bird,the A380 makes her home in India and in the hearts of all Indians!

So,now the stage is set as we get ready to put our best foot forward when we tell the world why #BiggerIsBetter and discover how Lufthansa could well be the game changer of Indian aviation! 

And here's a simple poem I've coined to sum it up...