Friday, 12 February 2016


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The season of love is finally here! It is that part of the year when cupid strikes even those who are least expecting it! 

Of gifts, heart-shaped balloons, movie dates, candle-light dinners, dancing etc...a mystical magic rents the air!

Occasions such as Valentine's Day not only gives us relationship goals but some outfit goals too! It is yet another reason for us to rejig our wardrobes after the year end festivities that we've long left behind.So, in's another reason for us to shop and look drop dead gorgeous on the appointed 'V' day! 

But as you all know,shopping is not so easy as it seems to be particularly when you have to streamline your choices to "Red", a color synonymous with love! A color to be splashed across the fashion marquee if you have to make a perfect style statement on Valentine's Day. In short,you have to think red and shine in red if you have to paint the town red! Unless you are single, you could pull out just another LBD or jumpsuit from your wardrobe. For girlies who are at the initial stages of your relationship, could opt for a nice sunny yellow frilly/lacy dress that could mark a bright new beginning towards a new chapter of your relationship. But for those in's the time to make the best impression and put your best foot forward!

Monday, 8 February 2016


Life is learning one point you are on a high, feeling on the top of the world and then at another, you are at the lowest ebbs of your life. However I have not let such situations get the better of me or deter my spirits. Over the years I have devised a mantra on how to deal with the latter i.e. coping with my failures, limitations, disappointments etc. as I find my answers to them from the "stars".

Confused? Quite an unlikely place to draw inspiration from, isn't it? 

When I am low, sad and disappointed,then on a quiet starry night I go to the terrace of my house and gaze at the stars. Lost in my thoughts I ask God, does every star have an identity of its own? Or does it get lost somewhere in the constellation? And what about me? Am I too a star that's lost somewhere in the crowd as well? And then I get the answer when I hear my inner voice saying, "Child,look at the sky and behold, no stars are overlapped with one another. Each one has a distinct place and space of their own as they appear and shine the night away to their glory. And if by day they are not seen, it doesn't mean that they don't exist. They do, they of course do! Even the cloud cover in the night sky cannot diminish their power and purpose in the universe."

Thus as I navigate my way on a journey called "life", I always remember this conversation with God that I had about the stars and derive the courage and strength to conquer my fears and doubts as I march onward to conquer my dreams. I always affirm that I too am a shining star with a purpose, objective and reason that God has put me here to fulfill.