Friday, 11 July 2014


Scent,Fragrance,Aroma...The very thought of these words sends positive vibes to your senses whereby you suddenly find yourself in a happy space and for no reason smiling at all! The smell of wet mud especially after it's rained or the fragrance of flowers like Jasmine, Mogras and Roses, the aroma of freshly baked bread or muffins coming from the oven or the scent of a man wearing Musk cologne makes a big impact!Somehow all these fragrances have an overpowering effect on us,including me! It leaves you numb while it lasts and at the end of it you're left wanting for a whiff of some more! 

And to elucidate my thoughts expressed above that's indescribable in words for something you can't see,eat nor feel but can only sense it,I've coined a definition for that...~ "If food be the nourishment for the soul then fragrance is the stimulant for the mind!" ~

Being a wanderlust,the city that never fails to capture my imagination is Goa! Goa to me is like the Brazil of India with the coastal tropical climate that's ever inviting you to soak yourself in the sun's warmth as you bathe,surf and swim in the expanse of the infinite sea,jog on the shores of the picturesque beaches,revisit the centuries old churches,enjoy the vibrant night-life,the colorful carnivàle,the delectable local cuisines and the warmth of the people! It's a magical city that has so much to offer to a wandering Boho-tourist like me!

Many a times, I let my nasal instincts navigate me through as I wander on and discover an all new facet of this beautiful city!That distinct smell of the salty sea especially when you are traveling in a jetty, the scent of common spices in the local markets,the aromas of the mouth-watering delicacies and sweet-meats,succulent jack-fruits and juicy Alphonso mangoes and the mélange of scents that rent the air in a church wedding leave a lasting impression (especially if you happened to get invited to one!) These are some of the lovely fragrances that my mind has captured over the years during the umpteen trips I've made to Goa!

Being a foodie,hence I would firstly like Godrej Aer to develop a unique range of fragrances that draws you towards the aromas of food like the bee to a flower! To elaborate my thoughts a little more, I would like a room freshener that fills my room with the scent of foods and makes my home inviting to guests! The scent of foods would be so natural that it would blend with the harmony of a regular household! On a positive note,it would keep my appetite alive and kicking with my grey cells ticking even without having a bite! (Psst...It would keep my dieting plans under check!) Neighbors would be be-fooled with the aromas of different flavors like Chocolate fudge, Brazilian Coffee and Darjeeling tea coming from my home each day and find a good reason to drop by for a tête-à-tête only to discover a tempting new fragrance by Godrej Aer! These days when people hardly find time to visit one another,this fragrance is sure to be the beginning of many new brewing conversations to come!And the rest is how I take it ahead from the first meeting which would add many more 'fragrant' chapters to my rendezvous and friendship!

Secondly,I would also like Godrej Aer to develop a collection of fragrances that include a range of Indian spices and herbs, fruits and flowers to tingle with your senses!

Imagine a fragrance that has the aroma of mellowed Alphonso mangoes in winters to remind you of the lovely summer gone by?Or the scent of exotic Strawberries that fills the air of your bedroom for a romantic evening ahead?Or the fragrances of tangy Oranges and Lemons to give you a sense of coolness and rejuvenate you in the sultry summers?Or the piquant yet pleasant fragrances of herbs like Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Cloves, Cardamom that calm your senses while doing your morning Yoga,exercises and meditation?Or the scents of flowers like Mogras, Jasmines, Gardenias and Lilies to re-freshen up the space of your drawing room to visitors and guests

I believe these fragrances have a divine bearing on the senses and has the power to elevate your mood and uplift your spirits making you feel one with nature even as you relax in the comforts of your home! After all, if the mystique of a perfume can get your attention and leave you guessing on the origin of the scent then you can well imagine the impression your home can have on others with the fragrance it's wearing! 

I am of the opinion that these fragrances (the ones that I just mentioned above) are exclusive and one of it's kind for no one's ever before experimented on these unique variants based on food, spices, herbs, fruits and flowers! 

And as I write this post, I do so with the conviction that some day I would be in a supermarket pondering for hours unable to make up my mind over the choicest range of innovative fragrances that Godrej Aer would soon have to offer to their growing base of loyal consumers!
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This post was written for the '#INSPIREAFRAGRANCE' contest at Indiblogger in association with Godrej Aer


  1. Wow - that is lovely. I really enjoy all those scents.