Wednesday, 5 September 2012 - KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING... MAKE ONE STOP HERE! website
I had recently come across this website dedicated to mobiles when I was researching on brands vis-a-vis their specifications. I just pity the 92nd or the 93rd mobile brand to be launched or that are already in the market and if they at all find a place on !!

Sunday, 2 September 2012


This post is a part of the contest at in association with (On my first online shopping experience and how I went about it - Thumbs Up to it!!)

I have always been tech savvy in many ways, like I prefer online banking, online booking of movie tickets, e-conferencing etc but shopping online was a big ‘NO’ until a few months ago. I was always sceptical as I had questions about the product packaging, what if there was an in-transit damage or what if the product was not new and accessories were missing from the box, then how would I go about it etc.

Shopping is now fun...all at a click!
I would have still gone about my normal way of shopping, until one day my mobile phone conked out completely and I was left stranded without a phone! So, I went about shopping to some of the stores for the mobile phone brands I had in mind, but found them too expensive and each progressing mobile store I went to was asking more for the product if not less. Also the problem was that none of the sales people could give me a complete rundown of the product and some of them just showed me the box without letting me see the product.


In a world where e-commerce, e-shopping, e-conferencing is the in-thing...that day is not far when education would reach the next level...yes, we're talking of e-education. But are we ready to accept the paradigm shift in e-teaching and e-learning? Do you know that worldwide e-tutoring is already pipped to be a $52 billion industry? Are you also aware that e-tutoring is a common practice in the west?
ICPI Train2Teach-Online Website
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