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India has always shared a special connect with Britain;so even while they ruled us,we parted as friends and this bond has only strengthened over the decades.The impression they have had in our lives has been a lasting one indeed-The Queen's English which we all converse in so fluently was one such treasure,their education system,their constitutional architecture,the beautiful buildings of the Victorian Era,the railways and so many such invaluable contributions!Thus,I always had this much cherished dream that some day I would pursue my further studies in Britain because it was another place that I could call home!

Since I was passionate about Journalism, Media,Performing Arts and Literature right from the start hence I always thought that there could be no better destination than Britain to trigger this deep desire in my heart because of it's rich cultural legacy-be it history,literature,theater,films,fashion and above all the tradition of monarchy which has lasted through the centuries that lends a royal aura to this fascinating country.So, this was the second reason why Britain became the 'it' destination as far as my education was concerned.And my pictorial collage describes it all (see pic on the left)!

And for the last reason-I've always drawn inspiration from films and this time I took a cue from Hugh Grant's film Love Actually in which he plays a British Prime Minister.There's a moment in the film when he so beautifully describes Britain in the lines...

"We may be a small country,but we're a great one, too.The country of Shakespeare, Churchill,the Beatles,Sean Connery,Harry Potter.David Beckham's right foot.David Beckham's left foot, come to that."

Boy...I loved that!He hit the nail on the head! Indeed,with all the reasons elucidated above I was convinced that there could be no better destination than Britain together with Hugh Grant's crisp yet beautiful description on the genius of this small country we all know as United Kingdom (or even Britain)!

Thus when I was out of my intermediaries and discussions were on both back home and among my peer-groups on my plans for the future and the preferred destination to pursue my Graduation in Mass Media;Britain was top on the anvil.That was another story that for some personal reasons I couldn't take it further and went on to complete my Mass Media back in India.But,I remember back then on how I would inquire at the desk of British Council in my city about the dates of the UK Exhibition fairs which I frequented most often that I would even spend a day doing extensive research on the courses and at times I would even volunteer at the stalls of these exhibits so that I could interact with as many delegates representing different universities in order to get a clearer perspective about the courses,the campus,the student life etc. Even today, I have some of the hand-books, guides and prospectus that I picked during one of those exhibitions preserved till date as little mementos of my much cherished dream which I'd chase even now if I had a scholarship to study in Britain!Of course,when my friends share their aspirations on their further studies abroad... Britain is the place I guide them to as I lend them my handbooks to help them make the right choice!

So,if the same opportunity to study in Britain presented itself today before me,without batting an eyelid I would definitely enroll for a one year MA in Film makingIt is because when you study in Britain,they throw open the doors for you to as far as knowledge and learning is concerned; for it is here that you...

a) Interact and learn from the best 'Expertise'

b) Get extensive training and complete access at well-'Equipped' infrastructures for improved scope of practical learning rather than just emphasis on theory

c) Motivate you with a desire to 'Excel' in your area of specialization through their niche and highly-focused courses

d) Above all, an 'Enriching Experience' of a life-time!

And I would pick University of Sussex because it not just ascribes to what I just mentioned above but in fact while researching,I noted five salient features of the film making course that nailed it for me,bang on! I, then and there decided that if I ever had to do a course in film making, this 'is' the university for me!

 I have listed the same below -

University of Sussex Campus
1.  It is ranked in the Top 15 in the UK in 'The Complete University Guide,2014' and in the top 100 in the world in the 'QS World University Rankings, 2013'-Armed with this piece of information,fifty percent of my research is over for I know I am studying in one of the finest universities of Britain and that too in my area of specialization!

2. They have a state-of-the-art digital production facilities which allows students 24-hour access to the latest professional-grade equipment and post-production facilities. And this is exactly what I was looking for in the course that I'd enroll.Working in a studio environment while studying at the university itself would give me an opportunity to gain a practical hands-on experience in film making while learn the art of collaborating and working in a team. And this would help me immensely while I'm on the job as I would be much prepared for it!

3. 'Directing - Producing - Script-writing' is the core crux of this course which would give me a strong foundation as I begin my journey as a filmmaker.

4. While I was going through their course structure,I read that at the end of studies,a student would have produced two short films wherein their 20 minute film would be screened at the end-of-year MA degree show while at the same time the student would be guided in navigating through film-festival circuits together with an attractive show-reel for aiding in future employment opportunities.Wow!!This is awesome...truly if I had the way,I would have gone right now!

5. Finally,University of Sussex offers scholarships of £3,000 for students coming from different countries which I think is a great boost for students of different nationalities which is done with a view to encourage them to experience an opportunity of a life-time i.e. to learn the art and craft of film making while at the university so that on completion they are fully equipped with the knowledge and challenges ahead as they set afoot in the industry.

All in all,summing up the above-In the Film making course at University of Sussex,I would not only get a hands-on experience about the latest technologies and software's used in the industry today but also have an opportunity to interact with renowned professionals from the field as they visit the faculty as guest lecturers and share their experiences which would help me to get a clearer insight and understanding on the nuances of film making.And the idea of interning with BBC One(which is my favorite channel by the way) some day on their dramas and soaps,makes the idea of studying in Britain an exciting prospect indeed! 

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  1. I remember taking brochures of different colleges from exhibitions, too as a kid. But only for the pictures :P

    University of Sussex seems like a great choice for further studies and your 5 reasons are absolutely spot on. All the Best for the contest :)

    1. Hi Khushboo, Thanks for the wishes! As for the brochures, I picked them up a while back, you can see the year printed on them! :) So I just thought of sharing a pic which brought back some fond memories . All the best to you too!