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Love transcends all boundaries...all it takes is the first connection when two loving hearts meet and then...barriers know no distance, time, space, geography, topography, location, limits nor constraints! 

When I mentioned space,I was reminded of the film,Wall-E when a lonely trash compactor robot,Wall-E falls in love with Eve,an advanced robot during her visit to Earth so much so that when her mission is over,Wall-E even follows her back to space and faces all challenges and obstacles to win her over...and this feeling is what we all know by a magical name called 'Love'

On the celluloid,if on one hand we've witnessed cross-border love in films like Refugee and Veer Zara then we have also seen cross-state love stories blossoming in films like 2 States,Mr. and Mrs. Iyyer, Main Aur Mr. Iyyer among several others. 

The point that I'm trying to make here is that where there's true love...there are no distances, hurdles nor impediments! You want to climb that hill or surpass all odds to make that someone feel special!

The above examples were just from films but real life is not a shade different from reel! In Bollywood too it is heartening to read love stories that inspire you to believe the modern day fairy-tale of the prince finding his princess and eventually falling in love is also a possibility! 

Some years ago,I remember reading an article on how actor and superstar,Shah Rukh Khan followed the love of his life (and wife to-be),Gauri from Delhi to Mumbai in search of her to woo her back into his life forever.Though the match was difficult considering they came from different communities but the very fact he journeyed on from his comfort zone to make the first move showed his commitment and seriousness towards this relationship which sealed the union between two souls.

Now,that was just a preface on the lengths and breadths people travel to pass the test of love! All of which re-iterates the truth that in a material world that we live in today,love has not lost steam! Touch wood!

So, the big question is - how far would I go for love?

I'll just open up this topic a little more to broaden the ambit on my definition of love - Love according to me doesn't merely define nor confine itself to the relationship between a man and woman,boy and girl rather it goes beyond and is inclusive of the same feelings,expression and passion of commitment, fondness, regard and respect one has,be it for your parents, siblings, relative, friends or for that matter even those belonging to the same gender as well. 

Now,if an opportunity presented itself before me,I wouldn't think twice on whom I would like to travel that extra mile to express my's definitely got to be my parents! 

All along their world has centered around me,they have showered me with their unconditional love,care and support at each juncture of my life, made sacrifices to see that smile on my face and surprised me on the many birthdays of my life! 

So,the least that I can do is give them some fond memories that they will cherish forever when I whisk them away from the chores or work they are doing on some pretext and let my special plans unfold as the European tour surprise is unveiled before them right from the time they are escorted to the airport till they land on foreign shores.The reason why a tour abroad fits the bill is because my parents have hardly traveled and seen the this would be a perfect getaway! Secondly,a European tour package comprising of London-Paris-Venice-Greece are the four 'it' destinations that's on my list for they are a perfect blend of rich culture,royalty, tradition, fashion, spirituality and history.And I am pretty sure that my parents would love my choice for who better than their daughter would know their tastes!

Now,this is what I have planned for my dearest #MrAndMrs who complement each other perfectly!(Perhaps,I'd put it this way...this trip would be the gift of a second honeymoon on their upcoming wedding anniversary!)In fact,I was quite inspired by the British Airways advertisement because it just echoed my sentiment louder on the idea of the best surprise one could ever gift to a loved one!

In fact,traveling that extra mile in love reminded me about a love story of my friend who actually traveled from India all the way to America just to surprise his girl-friend and ask her parents her hand in marriage!How romantic indeed!!Of course,soon after they were engaged and after a year long courtship,the two love-birds were married!

With such love tales brewing around me...I often hope that the man of my dreams and my knight in shining armor would undertake that journey for me by traveling across the seven seas and land right in front of my doorstep! And my reaction...I'd definitely be speechless and floored for sure!

Well, anything is possible in the world we live in today!
You can see it happening right around don't have to go far! But going a step further, truly gets you closer! 

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