Thursday, 28 August 2014


An Introduction

Here are my invaluable nuggets of information,
A creative poem on - Health, Beauty, Fitness and Wellness simplified;
So here's sharing with you a conversation,
That's over the years written and testified!


True beauty is not cosmetically enhanced,
But radiates with wisdom, love and compassion;
Time may fly and years may advance,
These priceless gems will never go out of fashion!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
So it's not just about grooming to look good;
Envying others to look bolder,
Is when beauty is misunderstood!


"Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes",
This is what the legendary actress Sophia Loren once rightly said;
Here was a saying so true, ageless and wise,
That over the years has seeped down into my head.

My Health, Wellness & Make-Up Tips

I drink two litres of water everyday,
The elixir of life magically heals;
Toxins are flushed and diseases at bay,
And a world of difference I feel!


I make it a point to get my beauty sleep,
The best time when body cells renew;
Whilst giving you a glow so natural and deep
And making you on the whole anew!


Breakfast is an important meal that I ne'er skip,
Of milk, fruits, brown toast and eggs they consist;
No more do I junk on cake, cookie and chip,
For these are the temptations I vehemently resist!

Green leafy vegetables,lentils and rice comprise my lunch,
A balanced diet is my guide to good health;
At times it's broth,salads and sandwiches that I have for brunch,
As food, fitness and nutrition is my wealth!


With the SPF-30 sunscreen to shield,
I've found freedom from blemishes, sun-spots and tan;
My  secret magical potion is now revealed,
When I foil the harmful UV rays with my perfect plan!

When a face mask of turmeric and yogurt brightens up my skin,
Then the need for expensive cosmetics does not arise;
These are just the ingredients you'll find in any kitchen,
A simple home remedy to all skin problems is what I'd advise!

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing is my daily routine,
As pollution and dirt clog the pores;
The magical "C-T-M" brings back my lost sheen,
Now what more could I ask for!

The need for hair gels and creams does not arise,
When a mixture of henna,eggs and curd makes my mane so lustrous;
Now no longer under wigs I disguise,
When my voluminous hair looks so wondrous!

Beet-root is the natural rouge for my cheeks,
A powder of it I love to apply;
Hop not into shops for expensive cosmetics to seek,
For safely on this home-made pack rely!

With a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste is how I brush my teeth,
When my pearlies end up with yellow stains;
This is how the big challenge I meet,
As I flash my sparkling white teeth once again!

Smile is the best make-up a face can wear,
For it releases endo-morphins and relieves stress;
So not your worries but your smiles you share,
And just be happy,stay blessed!


I take a flight of stairs instead of the lift,
While to nearby places I take a stroll;
It important to make this lifestyle shift,
When health and fitness is one's ultimate goal!

From among the sports,I love to swim, 
As the different strokes burn fat;
While helping me keep toned and trim,
This the activity that I'm best at!

In aerobics dance I find an outlet of my expression,
An all new language that my body speaks;
Making me agile and flexible is the confession,
Is what makes these exercises unique!


Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes I abhor,
To the body they cause so much stress;
Thus meditation and Yoga gets all my score,
As the body,mind and soul make progress!

No matter what the troubles,
I always keep a positive attitude;
Bad times are temporary and a bubble,
Thus I say my prayers and express gratitude.


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Hope you took home something about beauty and much more from this poem as much as I had a wonderful time composing this post! Do share your feedback and comments on the same!
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