Friday, 3 June 2016


Driving can be one thrilling ride to those who seek adventure while for some it's a pain considering how congestion in urban metropolises have dramatically increased even as traffic rules are flouted unabated!

Well, there's no solution to that as I foresee in the near future...but what we can guarantee ourselves at this moment is one helluva fun and wholesome ride that gives us the freedom to drive in style and confidence.So,the big question here to make your next drive - 'A Drive To Remember'?

With the all new Datsun redi-GO that's up in the market, this car is here to promise you a memorable driving experience, thanks to it's versatility - "the capability of a crossover with convenience of a hatchback" that offers you the best of both the worlds! 
Here are three features that appeal to me the most about the Datsun redi-GO which I would love to zip into the heart of one of India's most beautiful and well planned cities - Chandigarh! The roundabouts, narrow by-lanes and straight wide roads amidst the meadows and lush green scenery present an ideal situation that would put to test some of the finest features of this car.

1. Drive Computer - We live in the digital age where our lives are literally governed by computers,it would be lovely to see that feature spill into my car as well with the Drive Computer feature that clocks the instant and average mileage, distance and gives me an indicator of fuel left in the car - all of it displayed in front of my very own eyes. No date, outing, picnic or trip can ever go wrong if you have aboard this feature that helps you plan your day ahead!

2. Small Turning Radius - Bigger cars have a bigger turning radius obviously, but this sleek yet robust Yukan design hatchback car is so compact that it makes a full turn around with just a 4.7 metre turning radius. At this radius, it gives the car complete the question of landing in a tight spot can never arise! There's not a chance that I could ever be stuck in a traffic jam...just one quick and decisive turn and here's how I can save the day!

3. i-Sat Engine - It stands for Intelligent Spark Automated Technology. Though I have hardly ever lifted the bonnet of my car to check it's anatomy as my car doctor nee mechanic checks it for it's timely performance, but I guess from now on he can relax a bit (even as he goes out of work!) as the engine - which is the heart of the car automatically adjusts the spark timing based on fuel quality and power requirement.Now here's a knock out performance for all those who love a smooth drive! And I guess, here is how I can save some of my precious time and bucks at the car clinic and utilize them instead at the salon! ;-)

Overall, this hatchback car gives you an impressive fuel efficiecny of 25.17 km/liter and keeps our travel under budget considering at how prices around us are spiraling out of control! So this car is a good money saver on that front. More importantly, while guaranteeing economy, the Datsun redi-GO does not compromise on it's looks and design. With an agile dynamic cabin and a robust under body construction, this hatchback car has a heightened stance to give you a wider view of your surroundings,a high ground clearance to enable you to deal with low obstacles that one might come across on the roads, spacious and luxurious interiors, sporty fabric, a modern dashboard layout, easy-to-read shift indicator that displays the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance and a superior  89 CC compressor air conditioning system to make our ride a memorable 'Drive To Remember' indeed!

Catch the sun and drive away the blues with Datsun as we "redi-to Go"!!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

                This post was written for the Urban Cross Datsun redi-GO Campaign. 

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