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Once again in December this year,Delhi will be remembered not for some marked achievement but for the shame and national outburst on the horrific brutality that took place last year when a girl innocently believing her city was safe was torn and ravaged by her own. 

The nation cried with her, but it was all forgotten and atrocities on women carried on unabated.

Where did this dastardly act take place? Let's remind you once again. It was the national capital of India - New Delhi. At the heart of democracy, in the very same city where important laws and legislatures are passed and where your prime minister, president, home minister and important bureaucrats reside! Did you get any assurance at all? And yet despite all this, it doesn't guarantee the right to liberty, freedom and security to all it's residents (let alone the citizens of this country!). 

Now, that doesn't end there. Take a look at the growing lawlessness, road rages and gun culture prevalent in the city. You have people in the city becoming increasingly intolerant with a spate of incidents reported on point blank shoot outs and some bloody violent fist cuffs exchanged in restaurants, toll booths, shops, university campuses etc.

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The next important issue is the spiraling prices of essential commodities like vegetables, fruits and food grains hitting the could the Food Security Bill ever become a reality when the common man feels the pinch? And this in turn just becomes an excuse for other states to believe in the artificial shortage which according to them if exists in Delhi, they too must follow suit and do nothing about it!

If this is the sorry state of affairs in Delhi...I well wonder what happens in other parts of the country? Your guess is as good as mine! And it matter to me because the example the capital of my country sets is definitely a matter of concern for not just me but is a cause for worry for all citizens of this country!!

Well, these are just three random issues that I have merely made a mention of, magnify it under your looking glass,connect the dots and you'd realize that the challenge is a mammoth one...but the whole point here is that we have to start from somewhere to make a NEW BEGINNING!

Hence my 5 point Delhi manifesto would be - 

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1. Every case will be time bound for three months, which means investigation,trial and prosecution on cases of rape, molestation, murders, corruption charges and road rage will be completed within that stipulated time frame. If the investigating officer does not comply within the said time period, delays the investigation or does a botched up job of the case- there will be a retrial and the investigating officer will be suspended and punished with immediate effect. A fixed quantum of punishment should be awarded to all these erring officers who fail to do their duty and belie the public trust.

2. A new arm of the police called the special 'Mobile Woman Patrol Task Force' should be introduced who'd be trained in martial arts and would use arms (pistol/ handgun) where the situation is out of control. The core duties of these women cadet officers would be to patrol the city 24x7 and in rotational shifts in different areas and localities of Delhi. The woman in this special mobile patrol task force would be dressed in civvies and given special powers to immediately register complaints, FIRs and issue warrants pronto,make immediate arrests and where necessary bear witness in the court of law.

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3. Special buses for women which are undertakings that are run and driven by women plying Delhi, Noida and the outskirts must be introduced on all seven days of the week. The frequency of these buses would be doubled especially during peak hours (i.e. work hours) especially in the mornings and evenings and one special night bus for those working in late night shifts (like those women who work in call centers  media houses, news agencies etc could avail the benefits of such services).Likewise licences would be issued for an all women Auto rickshaw / Taxi stand which should be set up at designated places with women cabbies to give the woman commuters a sense of confidence and security when traveling to and fro.

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4. Surprise raids on cartels and hoarders should be conducted on a timely basis so as to ensure that the prices of food items remain under check and control. Hefty fines together with a minimum of  6 months to a maximum punishment of 5 years in jail should be handed over to such culprits who create an artificial deficit in essential supplies and jack up the prices where actually none exists. 

5. The Delhi government should have a central pricing system on fruits and vegetables revised on weekly basis depending on the overall productivity, procurement and availability of the food items in the market. This uniform pricing would ensure that no one is charged excess or makes obscene profits on an essential commodity for living as food. Alternately, Public Distribution Systems should be allowed to sell fruits and vegetables with the prices fixed by the Delhi government which would be revised on a weekly basis according to the supplies, market availability and procurement.

So, here's hoping that if at least one or two of my suggestions for the Delhi manifesto is implemented it would definitely make a world of difference in improving the lives of the people and improve the quality of living. And this would in turn set a precedent for other states of India to emulate a new governance model for the people and by the people. At least for a change, Delhi will not be an excuse for non-performance, it'd be in everyone's anvil of thoughts and for just the right reasons!

Good luck to Delhi as they head to polls this December!

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  1. If this is the case with the capital of India , imagine the other place. Congrats!

  2. Thank you very much Kalpana! Glad to know that you concur on the subject and view that I have expressed in the article.