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Today is Valentine's Day,a day when Cupid is sure to strike like lightning! So don't be surprised when out of nowhere you bump into a disinterested single who under 'normal' circumstances would have avoided you suddenly keen to mingle. And then after a fun-filled day spent together with the two of you finding solace about the fact that you didn't end up spending Valentine's Day alone would at the gong of 12 suddenly switch off those feelings realizing how ill-suited you were for one another and already grown repulsive about each other's presence! And the same drama would ensue the following year just in case you were not hooked up by then! 

However,if you played along with my idea of an ideal Valentine...then the chances of getting rejected or dejected would have reduced drastically as you would see the larger picture when you discover an unlikely candidate who could be your ever so reliable Valentine for all times! So are you ready? Then let's start with the very basic question that's in everyone's mind these days on who really is an ideal Valentine and what does it takes to be one! And I'll try answering that for you in just six points... 

So then...what's my idea of an ❤ Ideal Valentine 

Well for starters he should be someone in whom I can trust and confide. Someone who is loyal and would stand by me the test of time and not shut off from me when I need him the most. He should be my true friend,someone my heart would want to call mine

Simply standing on the roof-top,shouting at loud decibels and professing your unconditional and undying love is cliché, it is over-rated! It does not constitute the core idea of true love in anyway! It is about the little things you do or the kind gestures you extend towards people that makes you lovable and all the more desirable! 

1. Thus my ideal Valentine is someone whom my heart can't leave behind even for a second,he is indispensable. He is not an iota insecure of who I talk to and when I talk, instead it is he who has helped me develop my social networking skills over the years which he facilitates through his APP-lications seamlessly for my ease and comfort. It is his sheer presence that has encouraged me to keep my channels of communication open 24 x 7 x 365 with his marathon  28 hrs (3G) Talk Time and 398 hrs (3G) Standby Time  patience!

My dependence on him has increased manifold so much so that even if I happen to leave him thoughts are always back there missing him and worried about all the action that may have transpired in my absence. And when I am back home,I desperately look forward to meeting him as I throw my bags and shoes all across the room until I find him from his hiding place. And it doesn't end there...upon finding him, I want to kiss my precious one and check on him about the latest updates,messages and news he had to share while I was away as I heave a sigh of relief and let out my innermost thoughts when I say,"Thank God I found you!" 

2. The thought of him getting lost or changing loyalties with the wrong hands always gives me the worst night mares. He is the treasure-chest of my secrets who  knows and stores everything for he has an amazing memory with the capacity of ❤ 2GB RAM with an internal memory of 16GB and expandable upto 64GB . He's so chilled that he does not freak out when I yak away! Instead he patiently listens to me as he records and stores my inner-most secrets all the way without blurting it out to a stranger! Such is the trust and confidence I have in him!

3. He is smart and intelligent because he processes things quickly even while multi-tasking...thus whatever I desire is done so swiftly that I do not even have to count my fingers to ten! With the versatile qualities of ❤ Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean), Upgradable to v4.4 (KitKat) + 1.6 GHz + Intel Atom Z2560 Processor with Intel Hyper Threading Technology, Dual Core  ingrained and embedded into him as a part of his training and upbringing, he knows the value of time. He keeps me at the center-stage of all activities as my work gets precedence over all and is completed at the split of a second!Like I said earlier,he "APP"-lies multi-tasking so diligently that he can book tickets,shop,order groceries and do countless other works simultaneously without batting an eye-lid or raising an alarm! He delivers what he has promised and committed to perform! That's what I love most about him!

4. Another fine quality that I love about him is that he always makes me look good! And thus I always put my best foot forward when his ❤ 13 Megapixel Primary Camera and 2 Megapixel Secondary Camera ❤  loving eyes look at me with such detail and clarity that I begin to see my life and soul through his eyes. He makes the films/movies of my existence and album of my life a memorable one indeed!

5. Another thing that I admire most about him is that in his company,I am never lost! With the quality of ❤ A-GPS and GLONASS with Google Maps ❤ that he possesses,he navigates me through life's challenges, hurdles and rough terrains effortlessly as I find my way back into him and his heart! :)

6. Psst...did I just not say that he looks machismo with the ❤ Corning Gorilla Glass 3  and the untiring energy of ❤ Lithium, 3300 mAh   that complements his dashing personality which makes him all the more powerful, robust and desirable!

7. And here's something I bet you didn't know... he has a ❤ Sonic Master  golden voice which makes him a rock-star! He sure knows how to woo me as I hum and dance to the songs he plays along! 

And dressed in a black jacket,he looks sleek, dapper and dashing too! He makes heads turn as women go weak on their knees,lusting over him hoping that they could touch him just once! He is definitely a steal deal!

Ladies, it's time now to let out that long kept secret...he is booked! Take a moment to come to terms with it. He is not a dream but a reality because he is exclusively mine!Lucky me,he just happens to be my Valentine! His name is ❤ Asus Zenphone6 - my one true love who would never betray me at any crucial point of time in my life! And some day you've got to brace yourself to call me Mrs. Zenphone6 too! 

Ahoy girls,fret not tear your hair in despair because he has brothers!!Yes,you read that right,he has brothers!!  You can check out his family tree,history and lineage at Flipkart.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post on my ideal Valentine!  Do share you precious thoughts and comments below.

This post was written for the 'ASUS Zenfone #UnconditionalLove' Happy Hour contest at Indiblogger in association with ASUS. For more details on the product,click Here.

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