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Films are my fodder for love and romance! Of heart-aches to falling in love and from dalliances to alliances...a 90 minute film offers it all! And when a film becomes my favorite, be sure that I'm reading all about it - whether it's news, gossip or the buzz surrounding the air! And it so happens to be that I belong to the old school of romance... so not surprising are my choices of novels and films!

Now that WeChat has given me an opportunity to group-chat with as many as I can, I'm not going to let it go! So, through a poem I composed, I thought of quizzing some popular actors, an actress, a director and renowned literary authors from the films, novels and adaptations that I've loved from their body of works with the likes of Jane Austen, Colin Firth, Margaret Mitchell, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, Nicholas Sparks and James Cameron

(Though some of them are not with us anymore...but it'd be fun if we could go down the memory lane, call them over for a group chat on WeChat to ascertain their thoughts and views on the subject and how they'd fit in the contemporary scenario today!) let's get set and go!


[Jane Austen, author - on her novel Pride and Prejudice]

In an age when romances are doomed,
'How is it then love bloomed?'

'Did you know a Mr. Darcy?', I'll ask her often,
These are the questions, I'll ask Jane Austen.

[Colin Firth, actor - on playing Mr. Darcy in BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones's Diary ]

My next question comes with great mirth,
As I ask the popular Mr. Darcy - Colin Firth.

What makes you 'oh-so-perfect' for Miss Bridget and Miss Bennet?
What is that spell you cast on us that we just can't forget?

"Who do you think could be the next Mr. Darcy?", I'll ask
Or would casting for it be one uphill task?

[Margaret Mitchell, author - on her best-seller, Gone With the Wind]

Why did Rhett Butler say that he doesn't give a damn?
How could he say he loved Scarlett O'Hara and yet slam?

If given a chance would you have considered altering the end?
Where Scarlett and Rhett live happily ever after with babies to tend?

[Clark Gable, actor - on playing Captain Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind]

Gone With the Wind is my favorite film that I love watching on cable,
And my next question is up for the dashing Clark Gable!

Were you and Vivien Leigh really not on talking terms?
How on earth did you make your passionate chemistry re-affirm?

How did you manage to pull off this feat?
You made us fall in love with Scarlett and Rhett that none can beat!

[Audrey Hepburn, actress - on her films My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday & Breakfast At Tiffany's] 

From a 'Roman Holiday' to a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's',
Did you fall in love with any of your co-actors 'My Fair Lady'?

If you had to pick one favorite actor and make a comparison,
Who would it be - Gregory Peck, George Peppard or Rex Harrison?

Do you approve on the remakes of classic?
Or does it take away the idea of getting nostalgic?

[Nicholas Sparks, author -  on his novel A Walk To Remember]

A Walk to Remember was like Erich Segal's Love Story being retold,
Couldn't the story have differently unfold?

Why did Jamie have to die?
Couldn't they have just parted and said goodbye?

How'd it have been if they parted as friends?
And years later Landon would learn the truth of her death through a story she penned?

[James Cameron, director - on his film Titanic]

Rose survived while Jack died, that's what we all had seen;
Reverse the situation, could you have imagined what the story might have been?

Had you at any point considered writing a sequel to this epic love story?
Or was it the concern of how a second to it would be received that became a subject of worry?

How'd it have been if Rose had an affair?
And a mystery from the past would come to scare?

Since you have made sequels in the past; 
Don't you believe that Titanic has a potential to last?

And so here's my list of questions with still so many more to ask,
Answering them would be one helluva task!

It's really so much fun to quiz,
For a moment I feel like a wiz!

Making it possible for us to chat with anyone, anywhere;
The WeChat app is definitely what I'd like to share!

Now, chatting can be so much fun,
You could go on and on and yet not be done!

So, it's kudos to the WeChat app,
It surely deserves a big round of clap!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Do write in your precious comments!
Thank you for your time!

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  1. i loved ur group list....i simply love margaret mitchell...jane austen and clark gable....very very well written

    1. Thank you very much Renu! And so glad to know that we share the same tastes of authors and artiste! :)