Thursday, 11 October 2012


It seems that I'm fast earning the reputation of the next e-shopper in my very first outing as an e-shopper, I had ordered for a mobile,then it was beauty products and today I purchased a piece of furniture! And this couldn't have got any better! But I assure that in each of my three shopping experiences, I was satisfied and smiling at the smart purchases I had made!

But today, it was a marvel for me to see on how actually a furniture was going to be delivered at my doorstep and I must say... AWWWWW...SOME! Reminds you about something? That advertisement where the courier delivery man starts howling! :) Oh yes, I'm talking of 

My all new Boston Black Organizer from Jabong
Now with the range and choice of products they had on their portal, I was at first unable to make my pick on what to purchase when I finally decided on a Boston Black Organizer (see pic). Thanks to the detail and clarity of the the product by way of description and images,it naturally happened to become my first choice!

But I still had doubts which anyone in my place would have on how would it be delivered? The packaging? What would I do if there was a damage in transit? etc. So I decided to call their helpline number to get my queries addressed. And the best part was that their executive were so helpful that they even suggested that on delivery, I had the option to open it then and there to check for any damage or discrepancies in the product. Oh boy, I was impressed!!

Couldn't resist the temptation of ripping open the layers of packaging!
After all, this is something even your local vendor wouldn't guarantee of returning/ exchanging the product he sells after he carts it to you. He would rather instruct the carter to take the money upon delivery and go his way. But here I had the option to open a well wrapped and securely padded box that contained my organizer and satisfy myself completely before I could make payment.

And what more...I had placed my order on the night of 9th October and by 11th afternoon it was at my doorstep! Also along the way, Jabong kept me abreast of the product activity and expected delivery through their timely text messages. So the next time you hear someone scream...don't get know it's Jabong! :)

Indeed, this was yet another fulfilling experience I had as an e-shopper and it earns my trust that e-shopping is definitely the next step to retailing in India! 


  1. I like Jabong shopping.

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    1. Thank you Vandana! Keep up the good work that you are already doing through your writings! We are a group of writers who review products and services. Also if and when there are giveaways, we shall keep you posted on that too! Best wishes on all your endeavors, Sonaal