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Christmas is nigh, the season of love, good cheer, gratitude and Yuletide! 

It's that time of the year when children eagerly look forward to meeting Father Santa and ask him for gifts which he happily obliges provided they have been good and Santa has no complaints about them in the long list of homes he's got to visit! Isn't it not surprising that Santa gifts you exactly what you wished for? Like a doll house, remote-controlled car or a Lego set? 

Of course, we have all been through that phase of childhood when our parents who are our beloved Santa Claus in disguise give into all our indulgences on special occasions while discounting the many wonderful gifts they keep showering on us by way of their unconditional love, instilling good values and habits,healthy food, fine education,beautiful clothes, summer vacations and holidays, those lavish parties they have on our birthdays and so much more!

Sometimes there's more they do for us on the quiet in terms of insurance and policies which we are unable to comprehend as a child but as we grow up, we gradually come to realize it's importance and the fact dawns upon as that we are a sum total of our parent's dreams, hopes and aspirations which they see in us as our life unfolds.

And here are five things that I as a parent would like to do for my child to secure their happiness, dreams and future -

1. First in Santa's bag of goodies would be to insure my child for a 'Health' Policy as l truly believe that 'health is wealth' and there can be nothing of any greater importance than the well-being of one's child. Hence, a child's immunity from ill-health is vital to his overall growth and development . 

Therefore,I will opt for a policy that takes care of all the health needs of my child by way of paying hospital bills, medicines, vaccinations, treatment in the best hospitals,oral health check-ups and half yearly general health check-ups. I believe a child is like a sapling which needs to be gently tended to and nourished till it develops strong roots that will make it capable and independent to hold itself firmly to the ground. But there are times when despite all our care, the sapling may show signs of withering away which may seem beyond our control but with the help of a botanist and gardener, we can still save the sapling! Likewise, is the case with a child. The growing years can be vulnerable for a child when it comes to their health needs and requirements, hence it becomes imperative that as parents we have to keep alert and be on our toes! And I would like to safely entrust this responsibility of my child's welfare to a good health policy that will address all their needs. 

2. Education lays the foundation to a child's future. It is the quality of education imparted to a child and his/her aptitude for learning that will enable him to make important choices towards his/her career goals in the future. Thus, I would like my child to avail the best education without compromising on academic excellence where the choice of educational institutions that would rest in their hands. 

Hence,I would like my child's 'Education' Policy to give us the flexibility when it comes to choosing the best schools while at the same time covering all expenses related to payment of school fees, tuition fees, stationary and sundry (like picnics, overnight camping etc). 

I would also like this policy to give my child the freedom to pursue higher studies whether India or abroad with the choice of universities resting in his/ her hand while covering all expenses related to traveling,tuition fees, hostel fees and a provision for pocket money every month. 

I would desire that my child has all the opportunities under the sun to chase his/her dream when they make a choice on the field he/she chooses to pursue-whether to be a doctor,engineer,lawyer etc. and there should be no impediments that limits them from achieving it. Hence, I would like a comprehensive education policy that takes charge of all aspects and expenses of my child right from the time they enter school till the time they complete university.

3. Children look forward to vacations and the line-up of activities their parent's have planned for them during those brief intervals from school. 

While as parents we would love to give into their every whims and fancies which may be as simple as going for a holiday or getting enrolled in vocational classes of their interest be it dancing, singing, pottery workshops, swimming etc. Many a times, it may be out of budgetary constraints that one may not be able to meet their needs and a precious moment in our child's life is lost! Thus, I would like a policy which I'd call the 'Child Leisure' policy that gives the parent's an opportunity to invest in their child's creative space and time so that the child does not miss a moment on the wonderful things life has to offer - be it a vacation whether India or abroad, learning a new sport, taking up a new hobby or learning new languages!

4. Daughters are special and with them just don't know how time flies and very soon they are all grown-up! 

Hence,at her birth I would invest in a 'Shagun' policy which would cover all expenses related to her marriage together with a bonus amount in her account as she begins her new life! 

All in all, a daughter's marriage should be an occasion of celebration, pomp and splendor with lasting memories imprinted on her mind forever!

5. Last but not the least, above all I would definitely take a General Policy on my child's birth so that at the time of maturity, the lump-sum would be like a little gift on the beginning of his adult life which he/she may either choose to re-invest or perhaps use it as a start-up capital on his/her new entrepreneurial venture or as an initial instalment towards buying a new home. I'd like to call this an 'Aashirwaad' (Blessing) policy which would be my way of giving my child a small head-start in life!

So, here were my five special gifts which I would implement for my child when I become a parent in the future. I truly believe that such priceless gifts would be cherished and remembered forever because these are wished straight from the heart!

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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