Friday, 20 February 2015


Dear Diary,

The week-end is nigh and I have made no plans so far. I'm just not in a mood some how. This afternoon Shalini's invitation card for her marriage arrived. It's to take place on 4th March and being her good friend, I must mark my presence to celebrate this big day with her. With just 10-12 days to go,I should have been upbeat about it...but I don't know what's transpired in between! The big fat Punjabi wedding that we had all long been waiting for is finally happening! I had my outfit stitched especially for the occasion but I've suddenly developed a cold feet.There's an undercurrent of confidence and it's nothing to do with my outfit...could it be something to do with my appearance? 

O well yeah, it is! The comb that lies on my dressing table speak a thousand words.It has become a residue of falling hair...a tell-tale sign of my stress-levels hitting an all-time high! It can't be ignored. 

I can't cover my head on the wedding day nor can I wear a scarf. I don't like the idea of visible hair strands on my clothes becoming a talk of the town. 

Something has to be done about it. The problem has to be nipped in the bud. But how? 

[Ting Tong] I hear the door-bell ring. "Could this be an answer to the question that's lingering on my mind all along?", I ask myself.  "O, let it be. Let's attend the door bell first", I say to myself.

Man at the door: There's a courier for Ms. Sonaal. 

Me: O, yes that's me. Thank you (Lost deep in thoughts,I give him a clipped reply,sign the delivery sheet and take the parcel)
Generally as a matter of fact, whenever we receive a parcel,my family members and I play the 'Guess What?' game as we pass the parcel around. We try to feel the parcel from the outside and shake it a little to make a guess on what it might possibly contain as we keep the element of excitement alive even before we open it...that's the thrill we get! However,I was not in a mood to play this time.So,I tossed the parcel aside and let the others take over when I heard a voice from the other end of the room saying,"It could be a shampoo bottle and...". Even before I could let anyone complete the sentence, I leaped from the sofa and quickly took charge of the parcel. "Eureka! This was an answer I was looking for...perhaps or perhaps not!", as I felt the parcel and opened it quickly to find a bottle each of the all new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner.

[The Flashback] 
Weeks ago,when I was visiting Garnier India's social media page,they had asked bloggers to leave behind their contact details for their upcoming social media campaign trail that was on the anvil and I thought why not enroll in it for a change.I had long forgotten about it when back after a week long trip, I found a communication dug deep in my long list of unread emails. Yes indeed, it was an email from the internationally acclaimed beauty and cosmetic products brand, Garnier inviting me to be a part of their campaign! I had never participated in a product campaign earlier where a brand was having a personalized one-on-one contact with me by giving me a chance to use their products and write about my whole experience.I thought it was an excellent idea and responded positively to the email expressing my excitement to be a part of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 30 days -Happy Hair Challenge! Later I also filled in their hair-health assessment form that would enable them to understand the needs of my hair better and two days later,lo! the parcel was right here at my doorstep! The arrival of the parcel coincided with an impeccable timing of an impending wedding that was around the corner.

So, what's my present day hair challenge?
In a nutshell, here's the five point problem which I am hoping that the all new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition would address, they are: 

1. Arresting the menace of hair-fall

2. Healing flaky scalps 

3. Hair breakages

4. Infusing life into my Dry, Dull and Lusterless Hair

5. Nourishment for my hair from the roots, thus enabling them hair to grow longer,  stronger, thicker and faster

Being in the media and communication industry,I am oft required to travel or work late nights where hard water, grime, dirt, pollution and stress are a common feature. However in due course, the factors mentioned above begin to take a toll on not just the overall health and well-being of a normal person but they even begin to reflect on one's hair too. And my situation here was no different!

Hence,I am looking for a shampoo + conditioner that acts like a shield to combat the five hair problems I face and restore my lost confidence by adding sheen and volume to my hair thereby making it soft and bouncy as it was years ago. I am looking for a shampoo + conditioner that's like a friend to me- easily available anywhere and everywhere, reliable, reassuring and does the promised job in all earnestness. 

After all,healthy and lustrous hair is the crown of your face. You can't wear a crown of emeralds,sapphires,diamond and rubies where ever you go but you can surely flaunt your natural crown to the world. And every girl in my view deserves her many moments of crowning glory! Likewise I desire no less for myself too! I've always wished to have long hair, but because of my erratic work schedule, I could never manage that "feat"! Yes I call that a "feat" especially when I see my Sikh girl-friends having such gorgeous hair that for a moment I'm envious on how they manage to maintain them. I can well imagine the effort gone over the years into this work of 'art' -the art of growing long hair! One arduous task indeed!

So all said and done,it's above the shoulder-length hair for me at the moment and I am hoping that this status would soon change with a 30 days hair make-over that I am about to undertake beginning from today. Of course, it's not that I am turning Rapunzel and would be appearing with longer mane at the end of it...but I'm surely hoping that a new beginning towards it would be made when the foundation of my hair would be strengthened to give it a new lease of life!

My hair wash regimen...
So the time for the first hair-wash is due. Today is Thursday,19th February and the date, I have chosen to begin this Happy Hair Challenge is Sunday, 22nd February. Yes, I've chosen a date! A lazy crazy Sunday is a wonderful day to start something anew like the Happy Hair Challenge as I pamper myself in a leisurely soak! 

Okay, I'm just kidding! 

Actually during winters I generally wash my hair twice a week - on a Sunday when I'm in a more relaxed state of mind and mid-week i.e. a Wednesday when dirt and grime need to be washed off with vengeance. In summers,I'm all the more stricter as I have a hair wash every alternate day because of the damage to my hair by the harsh rays of the sun together with the sultry heat and sweat that become a convenient refuge for dust and pollution to settle on my it's time for the ultimate showdown! Sometimes,I do make an exception when it comes to my hair wash especially when I have an important social function to attend. So Sunday it is then! 

With three days to are my poetic thoughts on my excitement to the countdown of my highly anticipated hair wash and the expectations I have about the power of "two" - All New Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Deep Action Shampoo + Conditioner and how I go on to equate it with like going to war, a game of cricket, as a weapon for revenge etc.

[Healthy hair is like going to War]
Time to wipe off the enemy - a war on my turf I am going to launch,
Thirty Days and just "Two" grenades are enough for the attack;
Armed with my weapons as I onward march,
For it's time to bring back my life on track!

[Lustrous mane is like basking in the glow of victory, laurels & accolades]
A good partnership between "two" batsmen is the essence of cricket,
With a victory ensured, the rewards and appreciation you beget;
Spectators cheering on, as they queue in to buy tickets.
But just keep guard and not get out hit-wicket!

[Beautiful hair means Revenge...]
"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge",
Fret not Girls, for your time has come and the hour has arrived;
With the power of "two", here's your  chance to avenge,
When you make him jealous as you do the jive!

About the product...
Now let's get on with the product itself.Packaged impressively in sparkling yellow bottles with green blob flip-caps,the all new Garnier Fructis Deep Action Shampoo and Conditioner priced at Rs. 135 each for a 175 ml bottle promises strengthening and Triple Nutrition right from the Scalp to the Length and Tips. Each bottle contains the essence of three vital oils required for natural hair growth and protection, they are-Coconut,Almond and Olive Oil together with the goodness of Fruit Vitamins.So, instead of hot-oil hair champis, hair masks or expensive hair spas at Rs. 270,it is definitely worth a try, what say? 

In my case,whenever all expensive options and cosmetics fail to live up to their promises and claims,I normally discard them with immediate effect from my bathroom shelves and make space for the new.This time is no different around as Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner are all set to take their place for the next thirty days. 

Now,what's left to be seen here is whether these two bottles find a permanent place on my shelves or not? Yes, the next thirty days is a litmus test of the products to see if it passes or surpasses my expectations! We'll wait and watch until next month. 

Till then Hasta La Vista girlies...I'll be back!
[My Hair Story be continued] 

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