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There was a time when we waited for Saturday/Sunday to come,pulled out the supplement of Classified pages from the main newspaper,individually went through every ad depending on our requirement, zeroed in on potential sellers of products/ services and then the mammoth job of calling them began!

Since in a classified advertisement,each word was money...thus the description many a times of the product/service was brief and insufficient to arrive to a decision.

So then it was over long conversations on phone calls trying to get acquainted with some Mr. Sharmaji or Mr Varmaji and then his product as you tried to comprehend the condition of it based on his description only to get a shock at the end of it when he quoted his asking price! What a complete waste of time and money it was and the bad taste it left when at the end of the day what we were looking for was not to be found or was out of the allocated budget! 

It would be a day or for that matter days that we ended up wasting on this whole circus but to no avail until something exciting happened in our lives that changed our perspective and approach towards the whole subject of "classified pages"! 

With the dawn of the digital age,the landscape of classified pages advertisement transformed for the best. 

Today with Quikr - a free e-classified advertisement hosting portal I, as a buyer am empowered with the an array of services/ products like Real Estate, Jobs, Services, Home & Lifestyle,Cars and Bikes, Pets & Pet Care etc. at my disposal, available to me at the click of a button and open to me 24 x 7 x 365 with a host of options to select from and streamline my search without sifting through hundreds of pages. 

And the best part is that being a free classified advertisement portal I have no worries when it comes to getting a detailed description of the product or service that I am looking for because at Quikr you have no word restriction. And the bonus here is that you can host your advertisements accompanied by images too! 

From a sellers point of view: Generally,the seller of second hand goods were the worst sufferers when it came to advertising in the classified section of a newspaper...if you got the price you asked for, you were considered lucky but if you didn't then you had to under-sell your product some-how to the second or third buyer who dropped by before your advertisement faded away from public memory and ended up as a piece of junk lying in the four corners of your house. 

So, the bottom-line here was - you paid for an expensive advertisement and yet you compromised on the asking price with the fear that it would remain unsold.

But that's not the case with Quikr, as a seller -the doors of the world are thrown open to you! As a seller,with the option of MSP (Maximum Selling Price) it is the seller's right to get the best price for his/her products. And until you don't get your asking price,you can keep tweaking your ads and relaunch it on Quikr without pinching your pocket! 

To illustrate my point, let's take an example - Today if I had to upgrade my existing car which is a Maruti Alto to a Maruti Suzuki Swift, how would I go about doing it on Quikr?

As a seller - Of course,since I know my car at the back of my mind, it wouldn't take me more than five minutes to key in all the description and details that a potential buyer would need to know before he/she makes a decision.

In addition,uploading images would only enhance the value of my advertisement because as we all know that seeing is believing. Thus giving the potential buyer a view of my car from all angles is a window for him/her to see and explore my product on his computer/laptop/smartphone even before he decides to call/ meet me. And after keying in my location and entering my contact details...lo, the advertisement is live! That's how simple it is! (See image of the Form on the left)

As a buyer - Since I want to upgrade from Maruti Alto to Maruti Suzuki Swift,I have all the tools to go about doing my research.

Thus,all I have to do is simply key in my requirements to get a customized list based on my selection criteria which are...

1. City-wise - This option refines my search as it helps me to select the seller from the city I reside.

2. Price-wise - This option helps me to get the search be it from low-to-high/ high-to-low depending on my budget. Since I am looking for an inexpensive second hand car, thus I would go for the low-to-high option

3. Brand-wise - Since I am looking for a specific brand i.e. Maruti Suzuki, ticking this option in the box further filters down my search results.

4. Date-wise - This option lists out the most recent ads listed on the site. It is important to select this option to ensure that you do not get old results in your search as some of them might be redundant where the car may have already been sold out and the seller might have forgotten to withdraw the ad from the site.

5. Quikr Inspected Cars - This is yet another customer-oriented feature newly introduced that enables prospective buyers like me to safely rely on a reputed market brand as Quikr to do all the inspection and back-ground check of the car on my behalf that is tabulated in the form of a detailed report made publicly available to the buyer to verify, decide and then buy. 

6. Quikr NXTAnd now with the introduction of a new feature on Quikr called Quikr NXT, it goes a step even further.
  • At my convenience,I can now communicate with the seller in real-time,request more details/images about the product/ service (in this case the Maruti Suzuki Swift as an example to cite) without even having to make a single call. This live interaction on chats via Quikr NXT gives me the feeling that I am right there in the showroom talking with the salesman and in the process of finalizing on a car! 
  • Secondly,all my chats are accessible in one place, so I do not have to start a new thread of emails or keep track of correspondences on the same topic. 
  • Thirdly,this feature comes with many safeguards too - I can choose to keep my details private if I wish to or block/ delete unwanted chats to prevent anyone from spamming me.That's how flexible, safe and versatile the Quikr NXT is!
This new feature will definitely revolutionize the way generations to come would from now on approach the classified ad section at their next visit on Quikr! Viewing classified ads will no longer be a drag and boring fact,I predict it's going to be a lot more fun!  What do you have to say about it?


This post was written for the #QuikrNXT Happy Hour Campaign at Indiblogger in association with Quikr

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