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At the mention of Zucchini,don't mistake this article for a recipe on the vegetable! While Zucchini is a vegetable no doubt but this article is a brand review of a children's clothing line that goes by the same name and is sold exclusively on Jabong- your home and fashion e-shopping portal.

I had an opportunity to do some brand shopping for children's apparel and share my experience on the same through a, here it is!

Describing the brand in a nutshell: Zucchini is a brand for the smart, stylish and trendy kid! The children of today are little fashionistas in themselves and are at par with their adult counterparts when it comes to exploring their fashion needs and discovering their fashion sense.Zucchini on their part promises you a colorful palette and wide variety of children's clothing ranging from Tees, jeans,shirts, printed dresses, trousers, shorts etc. is what their smart collection boasts of!

The Review: With this promising description on board,I began browsing through Zucchini's collection and came across over 190 apparels for children from the age-group of six months to sixteen years of age! Shopping on Jabong is simplified because you have the option to streamline your search based on your shopping preferences-be it for a girl/boy,age group, brand,type of garment,pricing,colors etc.And all this enables you to further explore the choice that's available to you as a buyer.In addition,with Jabong's 15 day exchange/return policy,you can heave a sigh of relief just in case you are unsatisfied with the product.

Now,I had some focused shopping here to do as well.In Zuchhini's brand segment on Jabong,I was specifically looking for boys and girls clothing in the age group of 10-12 years. Thus as I went about my search in boys clothing for the said age-group - I had a lot of options to select from.With Shirts,Sweatshirts,T-Shirts,Polos,Short's 3/4th,Jeans,Trouser and even some Winter wear clothing,it did not take me long to finalize on a cool pair of Zucchini Blue Denims Shorts (See pic) for the summers. 

[Link to the Product]

However,when I keyed in the same requirements for girls clothing,I was utterly dismayed. I had just 18 choice of clothing to choose from compared to 117 apparels listed for boys in the same age bracket!Now that's a great disparity in girls clothing and that too for the same age group! Hence,there was not much to choose from with choices restricted to Tops, Tees, fewer Dresses/Skirts and some Winter Wear that were cataloged on the site. Somehow, I managed to make a choice when I picked a Bright Yellow Printed Casual Cotton Summer Top (See pic) that caught my attention. 

[Link to the Product]

The pair of Zucchini Blue Denims Shorts came with a belt and looked smart.The material is stretchable with the blue and white stripes restricted in the pocket areas that stand out and the finish of the apparel is neat. However,the fitting is something that you will have to be utterly careful of before you purchase this product.Though I looked up the size chart and based my purchase on the waist measurement and age group,however it ended up looking like a pair of tights as it turned out to be body hugging in the thighs area (See pic below). Thus when you decide on purchasing a pair of shorts,you might want to consider a size bigger than the actual to get a perfect fit.

The highlight of the Bright yellow Printed Casual Cotton Top was no doubt the cute graphic illustration on the Tee with sequins and metallic studs that added to the beauty of the Tee. The color complimented the design as it stood out on a yellow canvas while giving it a 'girly' look.However, the sequins appeared to be loose on the thread of the Tee and I am not quite sure whether it would get through with the first wash or not. Overall,the fitting was good and the fabric was comfortable to the skin. 

My impression and assessment of the brand:

1.When I browsed through their clothing line,I observed that Zucchini does not have an even distribution when it comes to choice and size of clothing for both boys and girls in different age brackets. For starters,it wasn't an easy task for me when it came to buying girls clothing in the age group of 10-12. Choice of garments are limited and sizes were restricted. During my search,I found that in the size chart of apparels,certain sizes were struck off indicating that they were either out of stock or not included for that particular age-group. 

Since in the early years children tend to outgrow their clothes even faster,hence it is imperative that Zucchini takes this factor into account to ensure they don't lose out on market competition.In addition,the modern day kids love stylish clothes with funky designs and a splash of colors. They will nudge their parents to buy them a garment that looks good and gets their attention, thanks to their exposure to films and the Internet of course!Thus,it would be disappointing if a garment that catches their fancy is not available in their respective sizes. 

2. In today's time when casual clothing is the in-thing,shorts and jeans are virtually non-existent in girl's clothing category. How could this have been overlooked? Thus casual clothing such as Jeans and Shorts could be clubbed under Unisex clothing. Alternately, Zucchini could develop an all new range of trousers, jeans and shorts for girls keeping in mind the latest fad.So, here's a pointer for the same.

3. Dressing choices are limited when it comes to girls clothing.They are restricted to Tees, Tops and Dresses where Tunics,Skirts and Dresses are hardly there!More variety of apparels like Jumpsuits, Dungarees, Capris, 3/4ths,Spaghetti Tops, Leggings, Jumper Dress,Hooded Jackets etc. must be introduced to spruce up the girls clothing section.

4. Designers at Zucchini must experiment with newer designs and cuts together with a playful gamut of colors to make their garments appealing and attractive.They must keep abreast of the current fashion craze in the children's market segment as well. For instance - With superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Catwoman etc. ruling the marquee,incorporating them in children's fashion line would definitely sell like hotcakes. During the wedding season,launching a limited edition ethnic wear for children would be a good idea too! After all, smart kids dress smartly on all occasions!

Overall Verdict in a Nutshell:

1. You could definitely give Zucchini a go,I am pretty sure that you won't be disappointed! For instance,the garments that I purchased looked smart, were of good quality and as per the description. 

2. Zucchini Tees range from Rs. 180 onward and its definitely a good buy! There are irresistible offers like 'Buy One Get Two' on lucky sizes which you could also watch out for. 

3. Dresses are on the higher side. Denims and Shorts are a good bargain though shirts for boys are definitely expensive.

4. There's a good choice of prints,checks,denims and colors in Boys clothing.You could make a quick pick here just as I did.

5. Zucchini will have to pull up their socks and stock up on clothing for all size and age groups.

6. Zucchini must revamp their garment designs on a constant basis in order to develop brand loyalty among both parents and children. 

Once in a while it is good to deviate from the routine where instead of going for preferred labels opting for lesser known brands like Zucchini might just surprise you with their newest offerings! 


[Zucchini is a children's clothing brand available exclusively at Jabong - India's e-shopping portal for branded clothing, accessories, footwear,jewelry and home furnishings.]

** [Disclaimer: This post is a brand review for Zucchini sponsored by Jabong and is an impartial review of the brand. However, a shopper's experience may differ from person to person.]
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