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The coming of summers simply means that the time to gorge on ice creams,ice candies, Kulfis, Colas and Golas has arrived. And when you are particularly outdoors exposed to the sultry heat all day long... who can resist these sweet temptations?! Somehow our summers are incomplete without these coolants even as we are/choose to be blissfully (un)aware of their  (un)sweetening reality!

We need quick fixes to satiate our culinary needs and taste buds or we tend to get restless. And with our hunger pangs met by restaurants and food joints/parlors that are flourishing by dime a dozen around the corner or for that matter even food websites/ apps etc that's available to us at the click of a seems strange that we do not find the time to take a few steps into our kitchen instead and surprise ourselves by whipping up an interesting dish or relish what our loved ones have prepared for us! We have either become too lazy or too ignorant on our part to distinguish between nectar served at home and poison dished to us outside in the name of food!

In this fast moving world where things change rapidly at the blink of the eye,then how could our food habits not have become fast!  I'll rephrase that again - then how could 'fast food' not have become a part of our ever changing lifestyle? Over the years we have mastered a new food glossary to adapt to this new-found environment,they are - packaged food,canned food,pick-ups,takeaway,home delivery etc. has become our everyday lingo!And with a plethora of options available to us,we have now become spoilt by choice! Gone are the days when we relished Maa ke haath ka Khaana, her Aam Panna or the special and savory Chicken Curry she prepared on Sundays for the whole family that took her hours together to make in the kitchen. We were quick to dismiss her efforts right away by saying, "Ghar di Kukdi Dal Baraabar!" (It's a saying in Punjabi which means - 'Mother's chicken curry is equal to lentils/ pulses!')

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So,it not surprising that today our food is all about - 

'One Chicken burger with Coke and French Fries please!'

'Bhaiyya, Ek Kala Khatta Gola dena'

'Please take down my order. One Large Barbecue Chicken Pan Pizza,an extra topping of Cheese with a can of Pepsi and a Black Forest pastry. And make it quick!'

So,where has all this landed us in the bargain? Obesity? Blocked arteries (thanks to food with high cholesterol!)? Addiction to Caffeine (thanks to Colas)? Illnesses due to fecal matter contamination found in street foods? Or crash diets to shed the flab/extra calories? Or an expensive membership in a gym or health club to monitor our fitness levels and get us back to normal? So, all in all what really happened? We spent thousands on junk food and ten thousands more to undo the damage done! 

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Although,I do agree that once in a while we all love to indulge ourselves with friends and family alike to celebrate or treat ourselves to some good food and fine dining experience. But making it a regular practice could do us more harm than good in the long run for the symptoms of these lifestyle changes and food habits are not immediately known. They are like building blocks of the body. Our body too needs a strong foundation if it has to survive. Thus if today we take small steps towards regulating our food habits by emphasizing more on health and nutrition,then we could save on our medical bills in the future and lead a long and lead a rocking life ahead! Simple steps like having a balanced diet which our home cooked food accounts for,replacing artificial food sweeteners with honey or jaggery, daily morning exercise and even possibly taking up a sport/game (be it on weekends) could go a long way in developing higher immunity levels of our body and boosting our health goals. 

Many a times,due to work and constant travel we may not have the privilege of home cooked food but at least we could leave it to our wisdom to decide what's good for us and what's not as we learn to differentiate between fast food and a wholesome nutritious thali! Or between a pizza and a dosa

We have the key to unlock the path to good health and now it's up to us to pay heed and correct our food habits or throw caution to the wind! The choice now rests in our hands!


This post was written for the #HoneyDietIsHere Campaign at Dabur for Dabur Honey

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