Sunday, 5 July 2015


Rains bring alive romance and our fashion sense is in many ways influenced by romance!

However,the greatest irony of all time is that rains and fashion share an inversely proportional relationship with one another!

So,the heavier the rains the less likely it is that you'd even be keen to flaunt your favorite apparel or that chic outfit from your wardrobe on an outdoor rendezvous! And remote are the chances of you venturing out of your house all dressed up even if a tempting monsoon sale of fashion goods underway in your city! ( must be thanking the monsoons for keeping their girlfriends/spouses away from shopping and saving them the heartache of a depleting bank balance! :-) ) 

And as for not planning on some outdoor activities particularly when it's raining...I don't blame you for that! It's more to do with the psychosis of 'rain-fear' that has gotten the better of us over the years!  

The coming of rains simply implies...

a. I can't go out. Period.

b. I can't wear my favorite outfit...what if a passing vehicle splashes muck on it?

c. What a pity...I can't wear those new pair of sandals I purchased! What if I put my feet in a pool of muddy water? 

d. Or what if my heels and sole begin to crack due to constant exposure to water?

e. Why should I take the pains to accessorize my overall look when no one is even gonna see?

f. What's the point of looking good in the first place when at the end of the day I am going to look all messed up? 

g. What's the fun going shopping with my girl-friends when rains are going to play spoil-sport to all the plans I have made for the day?

Phew...the list of 'can't', 'why' and 'what' never ceases to be! Rains may have just begun but the showers of excuses are many!

While we are in love with Bollywood and the fascinating relationship it shares with both Fashion and the Rains...but somehow and for some reason it doesn't spill into the realm of reality! 

Thus when Raveena mesmerizes us in her yellow rain-soaked saree dance in 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani', we are awe-struck! We love watching Aishwarya Rai clad in white looking angelic as she gracefully dances to 'Taal see Taal Mila'.We are out of this world when we watch Kareena Kapoor in a striking red and blue saree teaching us to enjoy the rhythm of the rains in 'Bhaage Re Mann'. As also we love the peppy song and dance rain number, 'Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai' by Sridevi as she sets the screen aflutter when she spins the umbrella and shows us her moves in a sheer raincoat! And how can you forget the eternal diva that Sridevi is,scintillating the audiences once again draped in a wet blue clingy chiffon saree as she gyrates to the beats of 'Kaate Nahin Kat te yeh din, yeh raat'!  And the list goes on and on...there's simply no end to it! 

While on one hand we make no bones about our obsession for Hindi films and profess our undying love for actors and actresses who charm us with their performances and scorch the screen as they introduce us to the latest fashion which go on to influence and shape our fashion choices as well! Then let's why not take some inspiration from them when it comes to enjoying the rains as you indulge yourself in some monsoon fashion!

This monsoon,let's why not once and for all bury this ongoing hate-hate hatchet between fashion and rains as we let the rains seduce our fashion senses just as she reinvigorates the earth? What say?

So then let's head to Limeroad,the ultimate fashion stop to see what they have to offer and pick some awesome outfits from their fashion slam book which I am sure you and I would both love wearing during these four months of non-stop 'monsoon festivities'! 

For starters, here are three distinct looks from my Style Book that is sure to work their designs on you...

1.Do you have a date with friends at a Cafe or Club? Then this Rain Drop Inspired Multi-Color Printed Dress teamed with Rainbow Beaded Flower Necklace, Blue & Rainbow Colored Casual Sandals and Multi-coloured Rainbow Aviators is sure to make heads-turn! Get set to stun the crowds in the midst of heavy rains, traffic-jams, chaos and hustle-bustle as you strut around confidently and vivaciously as you put the traffic at halt! And who knows,if you happen to be standing in a long queue waiting for the bus to arrive...then everyone might for a moment just forget about the downpour and skip their turn as they ask you to lead the way! And yup,do not forget to carry a Heart Struck Fuchsia Umbrella along for all those who lose their hearts to you along the could give them a piece of it as you open the 'Heart-Struck' umbrella! ;) 

Check out the Style Book for Look #1

2. If you prefer a desi avatar to videsi,then here's how you can rock it in a simple yet striking Orange Gather Printed Paisley Cotton Suit Set and accessorize it with a pair of Gold and Red Umbrella Jhumkis as they naughtily dance at every movement and expression you make! And the Red Leatherette Flat Sandals would not just make a splash every step of the way but it is the mysterious sounds of your Golden Chimes Anklet that is sure arouse curiosity and stares from passerby's when you dance and prance around in the rains! :)

Check out the Style Book for Look #2

3. Do you have a date with your sweet-heart in a quiet corner of the beach as he prepares to surprise you with a candle-lit dinner set for two? And are you prepared if rains come out of schedule and decide to pay you a surprise visit? Fret not...for here's how you can make the best of this evening as you put your best fashion foot forward! So get set to captivate his attention as you step-up your glam quotient and dress to look sexy in a ravishing Red Rouge Chiffon Saree paired with funky Red Chandelier Earrings,classy Metal Brass Designer Bangles and Flat Embellished Sandals.At the very thought of it,this combination might not seem palatable for the fashionista in you.However if you let your imagination soar and the rains pour then you too could recreate that dance of passion (sans music!) as the showers work their magic on you just as they did for Kajol and Shahrukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Wouldn't you love to have that one fleeting moment of romance with your beloved in the rains? So let the magic of rains bring back that lost chemistry or get him closer to you as you dazzle in this red ensemble! I dare you to try this look!! Are you willing to take up the challenge?

Check out the Style Book for Look #3

With three looks from my Style Book,this is just the get creative and start experimenting! I hope I've managed to to set the ball rolling for you this monsoon!! Let's make it different!!

Of passion, seduction, romance and love...the monsoons have all the elements to bring alive our zest and zeal for fashion once again! But...are you game for it?


      This post is written for the #LimeRoadBlogFest contest in association with Limeroad


  1. Real fashionable way to celebrate monsoon

    1. Thank you very much! Indeed...monsoon fashion can be fun too!