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Some years ago when the epilator was introduced it became a must-have in every girl's handbag. It was her companion on the go. So whether she was traveling, at home or in her office and had to attend a social function or a board meeting at a short notice,she could epilate her legs in a matter of minutes and wear her favorite dress or skirt and look gorgeous!  

Today yet another gadget that shares the same versatility and is all set to become her ubiquitous companion when it find its way in her hand-bag is Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - the electronic foot file that is now available in India which is here to simplify pedicure for us!

It is a known fact that our feet are the most neglected area of our body.It bears the brunt on all fronts - be it body weight,stress,pressure and friction owing which skin begins to stiffen over a period of time.Many a times,it is due to our constant exposure to water or during the monsoons that our heels begin to crack and skin begins to peel when rough edges are observed and they are distinctly felt especially as you run your hands over the heels and soles of your feet. If our feet were not vulnerable due to certain factors that are beyond our control,then we wouldn't have had salons flourishing around the corner offering us a vast choice of expensive pedicures to chooses from!

Thus, before I begin with this review on the product, let me ask you a few questions - 

1. Do you hide your feet under your socks for fear that people might get an unflattering glance of your cracked heels or visible patches of discolored and dead skin? 

2. Do you run out of time to visit the salon for a pedicure session because of your hectic schedule

3. Is your salon overbooked on that appointed day and time particularly when you have made it a point to alter your schedule to accommodate it? 

4. Does a single tiresome session of pedicure weigh heavy on your pockets that you choose to DIY with a bucket of water,baking soda,foot file and pumice stone at home? 

Sounds familiar right?

Those days are now past for the time has come when you can enjoy many pampering pedicure-sessions wherever and whenever you wish! Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is the answer to all foot troubles and a one-stop solution for soft and beautiful skin!

About the brand --

Scholl is a reputed footwear and foot care brand that manufactures products ranging from grooming to those that address specific needs like providing relief to foot, heel and knee pain as well.

What's in the pack?

1. One Electronic Foot File

2. One Roller Head
3. One Roller Head Cap 
4. Four AA Batteries

What does this product do?

This electronic foot file by Scholl promises you freedom from Calluses, dry, scaly and uneven skin which takes just a few minutes to buff them away as you gently rotate the foot file over them until traces of it gradually disappear.

Thus when I received this product I decided to try it out and see the results for myself.

My Review --

Since I have been keeping busy with some work or the other,hence I have not found time to visit the parlor in months. Thus this gadget comes as blessing and at the right time for it not just lets me enjoy a relaxing pedicure at my own leisurely hour but it also provides for an ideal opportunity to test this product to the optimum and review it as well to see if it lives up to my expectations or not. 

So then let's begin this review -

Since my feet are squeaky neat and clean with the exception of a few patches of dead skin accumulated on the soles and heels,I shall gently rotate the foot file in those areas to see how it works.

I shall use this product in a two-fold manner to test how effective it works under these conditions.

a. Right after bath

b. Anytime during the day - let's say in between my work or after (i.e. not immediately after bath)

a. Right after bath: Generally, it's after a nice bath that my regular grooming session like cutting and filing my nails actually begins.And the reason is because post-bath I have observed that both the skin and nails are soft. It becomes easier to cut  or trim nails when they are soft rather when they are hard. And that's the time when I chose to try out Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi to see how the product works on the skin of my foot. 

So I decided to file one foot to see how it worked right after a bath. As you can see those white flakes are not dandruff but remnants of dead skin from my foot that has been powdered off after using Scholl's foot file (see image). I used this product for less than ten minutes and observed that the skin felt soft and even.The Micralumina roller heads move quickly and easily as it effortlessly exfoliated lifeless skin from my foot without any pain whatsoever. Though it makes a slight noise,but all you need is some time and patience to work through those rough edges where dead skin is concentrated to give it a good finish.On completion,I rinsed my feet and dried it with a cloth before I could apply a moisturizer to get this new-found feel of my feet that was buried in dead skin all this while.And I must admit,it felt wonderful!

(Note: The electronic file must only be used on dry skin. The flakes tend to fly, so you might want to keep a paper or cloth underneath particularly if your feet needs some serious attention.)

b. Anytime during the day - let's say in between my work or after (i.e. not immediately after bath):  I then decided to try this product sometime in the evening when my feet were tired after a day's work and a long evening brisk walk.I must admit that post-bath exfoliating the skin was faster compared to what it was later in the evening.

And the reason for this could be many - perhaps it is after a bath that the patches of uneven skin are soft and appear more prominent,thus it becomes easier to identify those areas and buff them away as I just explained above.Another reason could be is that by the time it's evening especially after you have taken off your shoes - your feet look tired and the skin is hard, thus it may take longer particularly if you have a lot of filing to be done.However in my case, while the filer did a fine job,it was the vibrations on the skin that felt good as though it was a massager running through my feet and relieving me of all my stress! :)

Based on my experience as described above on using Scholl's Express Pedi, my grooming regimen would now on be to use the electronic file for touch up anytime during the day, however if there are areas on my feet that needs some time and attention,then after bath would be the best time to look into it in detail.

Pros --

1. As the name suggests - "express" - it is indeed quick, hassle-free and user-friendly. 

2. No elaborate user manuals or high maintenance required. 

3. Ergonomic design  - The shape of the foot-file and the rubber handle gives you a firm grip and doesn't let it slip. 

4. The ease of use and comfort experienced while doing pedicure is what makes this product the best.

5. Unique two-sided silver ring rotating power switches. This means there are switches on either sides of the product that enables you to slide the switch on/off from both ends and start filing dead skin right away.

6. Good quality - It is sturdy, stylish, simple and ready to use.No assembly of product required. 

7. It is safe and no pain or injury is experienced on using the product. It works on Micralumina roller heads and contains no razor blades. My personal assessment says that you must moisturize your skin after the pedicure for best results.

8. You can now confidently show-off your feet in an open pair of shoes!

9. Firm packaging in transparent cover gives you the outline and shape of what the product looks like without holding you in suspense for long on what it might turn out to be!

10. Economical,time-saver and handy too! Save your precious bucks that you'd have spent at a salon on a pedicure and gift yourself a Scholl Express Pedi instead!

11. It is a thoughtful gift for your friends and loved ones on special occasions because of it's niche appeal. 

Cons --

1. At a first glance,it resembles a shaver! It is bigger and heavier than my epilator. Thus it does not fit easily into my toilet bag. I would have loved it to be a little smaller and lighter though! In fact,I would have preferred it to be detachable i.e. attach and use so that I could fold it in two halves and keep it neatly tucked into one corner of my bag.

2. The product comes with an expiry date of three years. Perhaps, it is the Roller Head that needs replacement as they get worn out after a passage of time. An extra Roller Head included in the pack would have been even worth the price!

3. It works on four AA batteries! Consumption wise it is definitely on the higher side and thus makes the product expensive. Based on my usage,I will have to assess on how often I would need to change the batteries or perhaps invest in a charger and an extra set of rechargeable batteries.And if I went a step further,I would have rather preferred the pedi file to be plug (in AC power supply) and use because when traveling,I would have to consciously remind myself to carry spare set of batteries just in case I ran out of charge mid-way!

4. Including a small brush in the package for cleaning the roller head after use would have been a useful accessory towards care and maintenance of the product. Since there is no self-cleaning mechanism,thus you might need to carry a brush or a soft cloth to clean the roller head and sides of the foot file where dead skin gets accumulated once you have completed your pedicure.

Suggestion for the product - Since I have drawn parallels of Scholl's electronic foot file with my Epilator at different stages of my review for the simple reason that both these gadgets are essentially self-grooming products,hence speed settings would have been an ideal feature to gauge the level of buffing required on one's feet where Level One would indicate minimum buffing (i.e. touch up) and Level Three would be maximum.And this would make it easy for the user to understand the needs vis-a-vis the level of buffing required. All this in turn would save some power on the batteries front too.
Gone are the days when you hesitated to wear your favorite pair of stilettos, sandals or flip flops for fear of exposing cracked heels,calluses,dead skin and rough edges of your feet. Go girl, the hour has come for it's time to march on ward and conquer the world!

Smiles meet,

People greet, 
When you walk confidently on the streets,
As Scholl promises you a Happy Feet!

My verdict on the product --

Go for it! Even if you enjoy your regular pedicure at a salon,I would still insist that you consider Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File as a back-up or stand-by pedicure option available to you always at your disposal. It is an excellent self-grooming gadget which delivers what it promises and a one-time investment that is worth the bucks you pay! 

My rating on the product -- 4 out of 5


* [Price of Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File is Rs. 2850/- and is available at all major e-shopping portals. Those interested in purchasing the product, click Here]

** [Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.I received Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi- Electronic Foot File. This is an impartial review of the product and the results may vary from person to person.]

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