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During our growing years, there was a treasure-chest of knowledge that our mothers were waiting to pass on to us which would be useful and beneficial to us as adults some day. And she was right for this treasure chest was no ordinary one for it was filled with precious solutions and remedies on health, wellness and fitness which we could tackle on our own in the event of an emergency.So whether it was breakouts on skin, toothaches, tummy trouble, hair fall etc - she waved her wand and magically found solutions to them all within the four corners of our home. At times, she would go to the bazaar and return home with a herb in her hand that she would prepare a concoction of and make us drink (and gulp down our throat!) which would take us a step closer towards healing. As I write this article,I am sure many of you would recall some of these instances from your life and attest this fact for you too share a common thread with this story. 

And my mother for one in these matters was no different either! It was over the years and to this day that I learn from her example when it comes to keeping medicines at bay and as much as possible to rely on Mother Nature for a permanent and lasting cure to daily problems. And the added advantage was that relying on home remedies or for that matter Ayurveda was a better way to deal with the problem at hand because they were freely available, inexpensive (i.e. not heavy on the pocket) and had no side-effects.

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As a child I would frequently gorge on street food without a care in the world and played outdoor games so confidently as though the sun was my friend.And the end result was sub burn, tanning, boils, skin rashes etc. However,mommy dearest never complained. While she managed to curb my intake of street food altogether but she never stopped me from playing outside or indulging in any new sport. But at home,she would take over. I recall the times when she would bathe me in a paste comprising of Besan (Bengal gram flour) with a pinch of turmeric and milk on my face,neck and body and keep it for a good twenty minutes and then wash it off with cold water.And when I observed her doing this as a mandatory ritual on weekends,I would question her and then lovingly she would say,"My baby will have soft,supple and beautiful skin." and on saying so,my face would light up with with joy. 

During my years as a teenager,skin troubles were a common phenomenon like the changing seasons of the year!And the problems that I particularly faced were breakouts and prickly heat on my face which would then send me into hiding in one corner of the house where I'd throw a fuss and not want to go to college until something was done about it. But my mom taught me to confront my demons i.e. these skin challenges!She would ask me to chew a few Neem leaves for it was replete with medicinal benefits as this wonder leaf had antibacterial properties that treated inflammation,skin disorders and infections.At times, she would use her mortar and pestle to grind a few leaves of Neem and apply a paste of it on my skin. These were just a few magical solutions that I off hand recall from her bagful of miracles!

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As I grew up and had to frequently travel on work,sourcing Neem leaves or for that matter finding a grocery shop in the vicinity that sold Besan was a big problem especially when I was plagued with red spots or prickly heat on my skin, but I took my mother's advise seriously and leaned on to the goodness of Ayurveda and home remedies towards finding lasting solutions to these problems. In fact, along the way I discovered newer solutions to these problems on my own and some were those that my friends shared with me too. During my travel,it was easier finding a packet of Fuller's Earth (Multani mitti)/ Sandalwood powder and a bottle of Rose water in a cosmetic store which I would promptly buy in the eventuality of any skin problem or to get that instant and lasting glow particularly when I had to attend an important function or presentation.So instead of heading to a parlor for a facial, I would relax at home and make a paste of Fuller's earth/Sandalwood powder with rose water and apply it as a face pack for a good 15-20 minutes before I washed it off. And then when I would return home that evening basking in the success of the event I would blush on recounting the number of compliments I received for that natural and flawless look of the evening.

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Another plan(t) that I relied was - Aloe Vera for it grew in abundance in the compound of my workplace.So all I would do is during intervals from work,I would break a quarter leaf from the cacti and rub it on the affected area of my face.And at times I would apply it for no rhyme or reason at all. I observed that Aloe Vera  was a natural coolant on my skin; it worked very well for me. In fact,on applying it for weeks together,I observed that patchy skin,sun burns and scars gradually disappeared and there was a visible radiant glow that gave me an added edge - I was oozing with oodles of confidence! 

I definitely believe that healthy skin adds to your persona.The day you stop looking incessantly into the mirror is when you can look beyond yourself and march on ward to conquer the world! 

This post was written for the #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin Campaign at VICCO for VICCO Turmeric Cream

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