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The bond that a father shares with his daughter in particular (or for that matter his children) is one of it's kind! As a daughter when I write this post,I describe this relationship at best between a priceless gem and it's beholder for it is polished, cared, protected and treasured by him all his life; he would rather put his own life at stake but never part with it until the righteous one deserving of it's value comes by.I am sure that by now you must have understood the analogy that I drew between the two.And most certainly that is indeed the tender relationship which a daughter shares with her father. It is simply endearing, emotional and priceless! 

Today as I go down the memory lane,I recall the times when I played fashion guru to my dad which was more of a fashion faux pas I can say because I can only beam with laughter at some of the silly antics I did as a child. 

I remember when I was just knee-high and dad would be getting ready to go to office,I would pick the tie for him. Since I loved colors and didn't have the knowledge that on what matched with which attire or rather they were worn that way,I would simply select the tie from his wardrobe that caught my fancy,it's a situation that would remind you of a kid picking colorful candies from a candy store! Then there were times when dad had to prompt me to get a particular color tie and I would happily do the honors. Today as I remember those moments from the past, they come alive in my mind and I can't help but smile over it because even though dad knew that the tie didn't gel well with his over all look, yet he wore it just for me! Perhaps,he may have even taken off the tie before entering his office or carried an extra in his brief case...but then at the end of the day,he let me have my way! 

I was always his little fashionista giving him some input or the other - like ensuring he carried his handkerchief and many a times even selecting a nice colored shirt for him as he then had to rework out his entire office look around it with an appropriate pair of trousers!. :)

As I grew up a little, there were times when we would go out on family functions like weddings and parties and I would take over from mom. I would tell dad which attire to wear - be it the striped or plain suit because if he wouldn't agree to my choice then I would give him a time-line of events when he wore that particular suit. And I was particularly fascinated with one fashion accessory - a brooch...I always made sure he wore the one I selected! Call me a bully...but dad always happily obliged! :)

However, one thing that I have observed which has not changed about my dad in all these decades is that whether at home or work,he likes to be dressed in formals i.e. in shirt and trousers. I oft have these discussions with him on why he keeps his attire formal even at home especially during the day to which he is quick to reply,"You've got to always keep ready. Who knows who turns up at the door and how odd would it be receiving the guests wearing my Bermudas and vest!" Point taken. But then I nudged him to switch to jeans, T-shirt and sports shoes instead. He was quite reluctant at first,sensing discomfort at the very idea... Gen-Next's comfort clothing was not his cuppa tea! He particularly found it odd to see jeans getting tighter and going lower by the day,perhaps somewhere in his mind he senses a fashion mishap waiting to happen at a slight inadvertent tug when the jeans would just slip off and cause a major social embarrassment.

I understood his concern and thus proposed the idea of a regular fit jeans,but he didn't relent on switching his choice of formals for casual clothing. So, what did I do? I just logged into Jabong and with a plethora of fashion clothing for both men and women to choose from, I simply ordered a pair of American Crew Solid Black Regular Fit Jeans and Globus Solid Blue Round Neck T-Shirt (See pic) for him! Now,that it's a gift, he has no choice but to wear it as I leave the time and occasion for up to him to decide! I don't know what gives me the inkling that Sunday 21st June would be the day when dad would give me the big surprise! :) Since I have selected this look for him...I can confidently say that this combo looks just perfect! 

Tomorrow being Father's Day,I would like my dad to take it easy. And when I say this I mean that besides being his day,I would want his overall attire to reflect that bright, happy and colorful mood too! 

Thus I would select an attire from Jabong that is relaxing, comfortable and yet makes a definite style statement.So, here's the look I have in mind (see pic) that would make my dad look like a 'Cool Dude Dad'!

What's my my pick from Jabong?

1. Nike Blue Striped Polo T-Shirt  [Link]
2. Cherokee Brown Chinos [Link]
3. Clarks Kendrick Ride Brown Moccasins [Link]
4. Ray Ban Brown Sunglasses [Link]
5. Turtle Beige Hat [Link]
6. Daniel Klein Black Analog Watch [Link]

Why did I pick this look?

Nike needs no introduction and thus this regular fit Blue Striped Polo T-Shirt from the  world renowned brand makes a distinct style statement that adds class and persona to one's overall appearance.And no prizes for guessing here as blue also happens to be my dad's favorite color!Thus all the more reason for selecting this sophisticated piece of clothing that would make my dad look a class apart. So, then let's 'Just do it!'

A pair of brown Cherokee Chinos made of twill fabric teamed with blue Polo T-Shirt looks effortlessly stylish and comfortable too. It gives a crisp look to the overall appearance and makes a man look suave in them too!

A pair of Brown Moccasins made of nubuck leather by Clarks Kendrick stands out and adds some funk and style to this look.The sturdy built of the shoes provides durability and thus makes it an ideal choice on a lasting gift for all seasons!

A pair of brown aviators that spells Ray Ban makes a fashion statement and elevates one's personality! The versatility of this chic piece is that be it formal or casual wear,these sunglasses are sure to get you all the stares! 

Sometimes a single accessory alone makes all the difference and a stylish Turtle Beige Hat does just that! With a hat thrown into the ring,it transforms one's personality completely. The overall impression of the look veers from formal to informal where for a moment it seems to suggest that the boss of the house is leading the way as he takes his family out for a picnic! And for once,it would be a welcome change to see my dad wear one for he dons many invisible hats in my life too!Besides,of course this hat is not just uber cool in looks but in applicability too for it protects the head from the harsh sun rays and keeps sweat away from the sweltering heat.Thus this hat acts as a protector too which is also a metaphor for my dad.

Last but not the least,time is of the essence and today being Father's Day - it is time for all father's to live it large with a stunning Daniel Klein Black Analog water-resistant watch to recollect the wonderful moments and time each father has invested towards his family, the times he 'watch'ed over us and moments when he bailed us out in our hour of trouble. And this timepiece is a tribute to all such wonderful fathers all over the world!

Now with these carefully chosen fashion clothing from Jabong and the sentiments behind dad is all set to rock as he makes his debut on the world's ramp! And why not? With I, as the fashion designer and dad as the gentleman's beyond a doubt that my dad would look anything but dandy, dapper and dashing! ;)

Happy Father's Day Dearest Dad!!

      This post is written for the Father's Day #dandydad contest in association with Jabong

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