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There's an old adage that goes,"Breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper." If you took this adage literally,you'd keep guessing forever on what was actually in the author or writer 's mind when he penned it that's over the years become our mantra for all health goals.When you contextualize this saying from your health point of view,you'd observe that this arrangement of an ideal breakfast and a balance diet in small portions work wonders for your body in the long run. And this not only helps you keep your weight under check but reflects on your health, wellness and fitness levels as well.

We all discuss about what our lunch and dinner should or must consist of without giving a thought about the first meal we have of the day i.e. our breakfast - a highly anticipated one and sadly,the most neglected one too (with many of us even skipping our breakfast in the morning rush!). 

Why is it an anticipated one? It's because a good breakfast sets the tone for the day.Well at least that holds true for me.I find that the same breakfast menu served before me each day without even the slightest variation rings in a sense of monotony as the element of predictability sets in the routine.Then breakfast merely becomes a health term to oblige to in order to fulfill some health requirements within our system.

How would you like it if your daily breakfast menu read as...

Monday: Egg Scramble, two brown toasts with margarine, a glass of milk and a fruit
Tuesday: Egg Omelette, two brown toasts with margarine, glass of milk and a fruit
Wednesday: Two egg boil sandwiches with mayonnaise, a glass of milk and a fruit

And mid-week we're back again in rotation to the same menu as Monday...
Thursday: Egg Scramble, two brown toasts with margarine, a glass of milk and a fruit
Friday: Egg Omelette, two brown toasts with margarine, a glass of milk and a fruit
Saturday: Two egg boil sandwiches with mayonnaise, a glass of milk and a fruit

And when it's time for Sunday...all we want to do is scream for...Help?!!!! Change!! Yes...change is the name of the game!

Eggs,milk,fruits-while they are all power foods that work wonders for our body...but everyday?The same thing made in different ways with the usual ingredients?Surely our body too deserves a break, don't you think so?And a breakfast should be such that it satisfies your taste-buds too and not something that you just gulp down your throat! It should no doubt be nutritious but at the same time look appetizing and taste different too! Don't you agree?

Then it's time you played guest and visited the Kellogg's Waale Guptaji family over breakfast!

With the delicious recipes that Kellogg's Waale Guptaji family has to offer,your perspective and approach towards a "breakfast" will change from this day on. All it needs is some imagination and creativity to see how corn-flakes (with a dash of few regular ingredients here and there in your kitchen) can transform not just your breakfast menu but boost your 'brekkie' (slang for breakfast) appetite too...want to know how? 

Here are just a few recipes that Kellogg's Waale Guptaji family is about to share with you...

Running late to work...need a quickie? 

Take 1 - Add cold milk to one cup of corn-flakes topped with finely cut apples, quarter spoon of cinnamon powder and sugar

Take 2 - Add cold milk to one cup of corn-flakes topped with bananas and strawberries/chikoos (Sapota)

Take 3 - Add cold milk to one cup of corn-flakes topped with de-seeded custard apple and walnut

Take 4 - Half a cup each of corn-flakes,mixed fruits and chilled fresh curds with one table spoon of sugar and two drops of vanilla essence will result in a Fruity Yoghurt cup!

Take 5 - Add warm milk to one cup of corn-flakes with a quarter cup of canned peaches (with the sugar syrup) and pistachios to enjoy some Peach corn-flakes

Do you have it in you to experiment some more with corn-flakes? 
Then you could try the Corn-flakes Walnut Chocolate muffins,Apple corn-flakes pancakes,Corn-flake Sesame Dumplings, Corn-flake and Veg Kosmiri etc. to make your morning breakfast all the more interesting! (You can check out many more amazing corn-flakes recipes by clicking here)

And in this way,you don't have to disappoint mommy dearest with the eggs and milk she lovingly serves you every morning.In fact,you can alternate her menu with the corn-flakes recipes to add a dash of excitement over breakfast.

So from now on,I can confidently add that you won't famish over breakfast...thanks to Kellogg's Waale GuptajiWith over hundred 'Anaaj ka Naashta' (whole-grain breakfast) recipes to choose from,your health needs and taste-buds taken care of as every new day now calls for a new recipe! It's time you set the menu for your breakfast!

And of course,it goes without saying that this nutritional breakfast is high in Vitamins- A,B-6,C,D-12, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron! 

Now with this arrangement,who said that morning breakfasts were predictable and boring? :-) 
Kelloggs Waale Guptaji family has just shared their yummy health secrets with you.Now would you like to remain a guest forever,always at their door-step or would you like to become a Kelloggs Waale Guptaji family yourself?Are you ready for the breakfast challenge? Then here's welcoming you to bright sunshine morning ahead!


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