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Sometimes,the place we need to be is in the company of people we love to enliven our fill in those spaces of sadness, desolation, loneliness and pessimism with the joy of their presence,the warmth of their unconditional love and their unstinting support which in turn bring us great comfort and happiness.And together with encouraging words of wisdom on keeping hope, staying optimistic and being courageous...these are enough to hold us up as we set a sail on a journey called 'life'! And the people who lend the aura of their positivity and keep that beacon glowing in our lives are our Anchors - thus they are those whom we always (or rather must) treasure and value above all and beyond comparisons.

And when I read this-"Together is a wonderful place to be"...I felt the author in one crisp line has so beautifully summed up the true essence of being together and being there for one another without elaborating it a word more! Just as a house is a house until you choose to make it a home,likewise are the many qualities of love, togetherness, courage, hope and optimism which would be sheer words spoken plainly until an opportunity came by to glorify each of these qualities with your action.Many a times,it takes just a surprise visit to a friend for him to light up.And during the course of your conversation you may discover that he has a family dispute to settle or got fired from his job that he is stressed about that he has to contend with all by himself - and in this hour having someone by his side to bring some cheer to his dispirited soul is the gift of our good company to him and so are our kind words of hope, faith and optimism which we share that glorify these qualities.

There have been many moments in my life that have been memorable and it's hard to recount one such instance as I write this post. But there's one I vividly recall which comes to my mind this instant that takes me down the memory lane...

It was a long time ago,when we were not even remotely connected to technology as we are today via the internet or mobile phones - thus this moment is dear to my heart as I recount this whole experience that transpired during my tenth class board exams. 

My exams were nigh and I was anxious,nervous and tensed like any one around who goes through panic attacks (vis-a-vis the vast never-ending syllabuses and measuring up my preparations with my co-fellows to check if they were enough i.e. if I know more or they do!) before the big exam.And on top of it, to add to my greatest sadness-I lived in a boarding school! So I didn't have my parents by my side during the hour of my exams-the time when I missed them the most. 

But then...something wonderful happened!Just hours before the afternoon exams of my first paper,my dad paid me a surprise visit when he took a half day leave and traveled all the way (a good two hours journey) just to be by my side to motivate me and cheer me up!In addition,he also brought me chocolates, chips and gave me an "All the best" card to reassure me that even if I lived in a boarding school but his best wishes traveled with me always, wherever I went! We had a few days exam breaks between each paper and two days later it was time for my second paper.And lo,whom do I see again?It was my dad sitting on the bench meant for parents waiting for me and all set to boost my morale!! I was so thrilled as many smiles lit up my face each day as I appeared for all my papers.And he did this not once or twice but consciously made it a point to visit me on all the days of my papers to keep my exam fever at bay...not surprising here,I went on to pass my S.S.C boards with flying colors!In this way he not only gave me the strength to face my board exams but he also taught me to be courageous to face the challenges of life's exams head-on by giving it my best shot! 

Recalling those moments makes me emotional especially when I see that card (yes, I still have it!) my father gave me.At times when I,my dad and mom sit together,we look back at the times gone by as we cherish and celebrate the past.  

It is these little moments of life that we spend with our family,friends,neighbors or even strangers that teaches us some of the greatest lessons of our lives!

This post was written for the #Together Campaign at  #lookup

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